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Chapter 2310: Is There a Problem with My Attitude Just Now

When Lu Man heard that, she said, “I look forward to that.”

The girl beside Shana, called Christine, according to Han Leileis description, said with displeasure, “I watched your performance before.

It was quite good.

But even if you won before, its not based on your real capability.

Its because Shana did not show her real capability at all back then.

“If shed brought out her real capability, who knows which one of you would have won You might not even have been a match for Shana,” Christine said.

“So, theres no need for you to act like a victor.”

Lu Man raised an eyebrow.

She turned back and asked Han Leilei and the others, “Is there a problem with my attitude just now”

Han Leilei and the others all shook their heads in unison.

They did not think so.

Actually, even Shana did not say anything.

This Christine was a little too sensitive.

But Christine felt that Lu Mans attitude was belittling!

She then saw Lu Man turn back and say, “I dont mean anything else.

Its just how I normally converse.

If my attitude made you misunderstand, I apologize.

But if you think I should adopt a more humble attitude to talk to Shana, then Im sorry, I think your demand is going overboard.

“My teammates and I, each one of us, are equal to all the students in your school, whether they are famous or not.

Theres no reason for anyone to be any more humble when speaking to each other,” Lu Man said.

“Shana said she will show me her true capabilities, and I look forward to it.

This attitude of mine is also unacceptable to you”

As far as she could tell, this was not because there was a problem with her attitude but that Christine was probably like those students that Han Leilei and the others talked about, thinking that they had weak capabilities so they should hide their tails between their legs.

Even if Shana had made a mistake, she was still much more capable than them.

“Christine.” Shana turned and said to Christine, “Lu Man and I might not have become friends, but we are definitely not enemies.

She is an opponent I respect.”

Christine twitched her lips, but she did not say anything after that.

Because of Lu Mans capabilities, Shana respected her.

Capable people indeed deserve to be respected.

“If theres anything you all need help with, you can look for me,” Shana said to Lu Man and the others.

“I know there are some people who are being very rude to you all, but not all of us are like that.

I cant control personal opinions, I only hope you guys dont have any misunderstandings towards our school.”

Han Leilei and the others thought to themselves that, to put it plainly, this all boiled down to a matter of capabilities.

Like Lu Man, even though Jose had been very impolite to her at first, that was because those people had not seen Lu Mans capabilities before.

Meanwhile, Shana had really competed on the same stage with Lu Man before.

Lu Man had used her capabilities to earn Shanas respect.

Before Lu Man came, Shana had never thought of helping them.

But after Lu Man came, Shana took the initiative to offer help.

“Many thanks.” Lu Man smiled at Shana.

Shana reciprocated with a smile and left together with her two friends.

The people behind Lu Man also indeed deeply felt the importance of capability.

Once your capability is high enough, wherever you go, no one would belittle you.

“Lu Man, if youre free, can you teach us” Guo Hai said.

“What” Lu Man felt a little taken aback for a moment.

She then heard Guo Hai say, “Our capabilities really cannot make the cut.

If you can teach us—”

Lu Man understood what he was getting at and said, “I wont dare say I can teach you.

The teachers at the school would definitely be able to teach better than I could, and they would know even better how to go about teaching.”

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