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Chapter 2346: Sow Discord

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Everyone returned looking downcast.

Even without asking, Lu Man knew that they had been rejected.

Han Leilei also entered with a dejected look.

Shortly after that, Wu Zilin also returned.

However, the expression on Wu Zilins face was very subtle.

Two contradictory emotions of frustration and happiness could be seen on his face.

It made his face look as if it was twitching.

Lu Man would have laughed if not for the present atmosphere that was really depressing.

“How is it Been rejected” Lu Man asked.

Han Leilei was feeling extremely downcast as she nodded.

“I just asked everyone along the way.

No one agreed to come.”

Wu Zilin said with a grudge, “Are you satisfied now Its all because youre too arrogant.

Youve offended everyone.

You previously made their school lose face so badly, and were coercing them today.

No matter what you said about this being a problem between Howard and you and about how the school would not interfere, the fact is that these teachers are rejecting us now.”

Han Leilei unhappily said, “Wu Zilin, what do you mean When we were bullied previously, youd counted on Lu Man.

Now that those teachers have rejected us, youre also pushing all the blame to Lu Man Anyway, regardless of whether its good or bad, its Lu Mans responsibility.

Why are you being a bully”

“You had promised to be united with us just now.

It has been only half an hour, and youve switched gears again” Guo Hai also said.

“Its not the time to blame anyone right now.

Furthermore, we cant blame Lu Man for this matter.

What do you mean by saying such a thing” Sun Mengying also said.

“Are you trying to make us push the blame on Lu Man”

“Whats important now is how to solve the problem, not finding someone to push the blame to when nothing goes well, like what you just did.

This matter concerns everyone.

We have to shoulder it and take responsibility together.

Lu Man doesnt owe you.

On what basis should she solve all these matters for you” Sun Hezhou said.

Wu Zilin was infuriated.

These people were still helping Lu Man at this point in time.

Couldnt these people tell that it was actually Lu Mans fault that they could not get any teacher to guide them


Zhang Xiaoying said, “If not for Lu Man, do you think any teacher would be willing to guide us based on the earlier display of our capabilities”

These words made Wu Zilin speechless.

It was indeed true that this matter was not Lu Mans fault at all.

Wu Zilin had completely just used this as an excuse to push his mistake on Lu Man.

Even without Lu Man, no teacher would be willing to come and guide them based on their earlier capabilities, which had failed to meet their standards, as this would ruin their own reputation.

“You had earlier assured us that you would stay united with us.

If youre still thinking of ways to sow discord among our team, Ill also agree with Lu Mans suggestion to find someone else to replace you,” Guo Hai said.

“Thats right.

You indeed have very good results from Donghua Academy of Drama.

Otherwise, it would have been impossible for you to get chosen for this team,” Sun Hezhou said.

“But ones results are also related to his luck and development.

Your results are good, but theyre not exceptional.

Not to the extent whereby no one can compete with you.

There are actually many people in Donghua Academy of Drama who have roughly the same results as you.

You are not irreplaceable.”

Sun Hezhou had been polite, but Xu Chuansheng was not.

“We all come from Donghua, and both our schools are close-knit..

Guo Hai and the others from the National Drama Academy and the National Film Academy may not know it, but we, the people from Donghua Film Academy, are well aware of this.”

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