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Chapter 2347: Run Out of Patience

“Besides your mediocre results, the reason you were chosen to join the team was also due to your family, which is one of the biggest sponsors of Donghua Academy of Drama.

Based solely on results, it wouldnt have been easy to say whether or not you could have entered.

If it werent for your family being a big sponsor, you might not have gotten the chance,” Xu Chuansheng said impolitely.

“So why are you pretending We didnt expose you because based on our standards, we are also not qualified to look down on you.

But you have to make trouble and cause disharmony within our team.

As this is not a problem of capabilities or standard, we wont let you get your way.”

Xu Chuansheng and Sun Hezhou were not afraid.

Both their families were not easy to bully.

Wu Zilins face changed and he looked at the others.

Actually, the rest of them did not have much expression on their faces.

Zhou Li had already known about it.

It was just that she didnt say it.

Although Han Leilei and the others felt surprised, they had the basic skills to hide their emotions given their acting background.

Only Wu Zilin felt that they were mocking him.

He was also flexible and immediately said, “I was being too anxious and didnt do it on purpose.

Dont think of me so badly because of a mistake that I had made.

Furthermore, the previous incident was also unintentional.”

Guo Hai and the others pursed their lips.

How could he explain it away as a mistake every time

If thats so, then his “mistakes” had been too many.

Even if it was really a mistake, the team could not always shoulder them for him.

“Then you have made too many mistakes,” Guo Hai said in ridicule.

“Dont be like this,” Wu Zilin said.

“Didnt you all say we have to be united Have you all forgotten how much mockery we have suffered together before Lu Man came We have shouldered all these together.”

He thought that the others would not be able to decipher what he meant by those words.

He had just started talking when he bad-mouthed Lu Man again.

Moreover, he did it in front of her.

He had implied that before Lu Man came, although they were weak, they were united, and nothing happened when they were together.

But after Lu Man came, all these arguments appeared.

Hence, Wu Zilin was actually hinting that everything was caused by Lu Man.

The rest of them had run out of patience with Wu Zilin.

Everyone was previously in similar predicaments.

Hence, they had empathy for one another and even encouraged each other.

But now that there was an additional person in Lu Man, who was capable, Wu Zilin was unsatisfied.

People like him could bear with someone worse or similar to him, but he could not bear with someone better than him.

The rest of them wanted so much to swap Wu Zilin out of the team now.

They could have originally rehearsed today, but because of Wu Zilin, they couldnt do it.

They even had to argue with him once every few days now.

They wondered how much they were going to argue again when they officially started to rehearse tomorrow, especially when they wanted to let Lu Man direct the performance.

With Wu Zilin being like this, could he modestly accept it

He definitely could not.

He would sing a different tune and suggest all kinds of opposing opinions.

How much time would be wasted during the rehearsal

Setting aside the time that would be wasted, they wouldnt be able to achieve any results as well.

Everyone looked at Lu Man.

They believed that if they could think of it, Lu Man could also definitely think of it.

It would depend on what Lu Man was going to do.

However, they didnt expect that Lu Man would not continue with this topic.

Instead, she asked Zhang Xiaoying, “Even Professor Howell is not coming”

Zhang Xiaoying was the one who had asked Howell.

After Lu Man changed the topic like this and brought it back to the original one, everyone was shocked and realized that they shouldnt be wasting time right now to deal with Wu Zilin.

The most important matter at present was to quickly look for a teacher to come over and help them with the rehearsal.

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