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Chapter 2350: What Friendship Is There to Speak of

“Do you have a phone stand or something” Lu Man asked Han Leilei.

“We can speak to the four principals together later.”

“Yeah, I brought one,” Zhang Xiaoying said.

“I often do live-streams over here, or do some vlogs, so I need to use a phone stand and brought one over.

Give me a moment.”

After Zhang Xiaoying said that, she went back to her room to search.

Not long after, she took out a tripod stand and fixed Lu Mans phone on top of it.

Not long after, Lu Man received a multi-person video call invite from Principal Liu.

Lu Man opened the link and everyone saw their respective principals.

Principal Liu still could not contain his anger as he asked, “Lu Man, you said that before you arrived, they were getting bullied.

What exactly happened”

“Everyone is here, so Ill let them say it themselves,” Lu Man said.

In the end, Han Leilei represented them and explained in detail everything that had happened from start to end.

Principal Liu had only heard Lu Man mention it briefly before and he was already very angry.

Now that he heard Han Leilei explain everything from start to end, he became even more enraged.

The other three principals were also very furious.

Principal Zhang said angrily, “This is too much! Lu Man, did you teach them a good lesson after you went over”

The other three principals all glanced at Principal Zhang.

How righteous he sounded when he said that!

Lu Man is not even your schools student, yet she must still stand up for you You even made it sound so natural that she should have done so.

When it came to being shameless, the three of them were no match for Principal Zhang.

“I have indeed stood up for them already,” Lu Man said.

“I cant single out each and every student to vent on, but those who provoke me, I will definitely not let off.”

Following this, Lu Man spoke about the incident with Howard.

The four principals all heaved a sigh of relief and even looked really happy.

Seeing the reaction from the four principals, Wu Zilin knew that things would not go well.

Whod have thought that the four of them actually would not think there was anything wrong with what Lu Man had done Or that theyd even clap and cheer for her

Were all these people crazy

“You did well! We cant let them think that were weaklings who are so easy to bully! Since that school doesnt care about their students actions, then that school has no right to interfere with how youve dealt with Howard!” Principal Liu said.

Principal Zhang agreed and said, “You all remember this by heart.

When you step out of your country, you are not just representing yourself or our schools but also our countrys future entertainment industry.

Because this industry will ultimately belong to you all, you all cannot be soft.

You cannot let them think that our countrys new and rising actors are all so timid!”

“Even if youre outside, you have to be tough,” Donghua Film Academys Principal Min also said right after that.

“You cant let them think that you, and by default, us, are all so easy to bully.

We can have a friendly exchange, but we cannot cozy up to them.

If we cozy up to them, that would really then be embarrassing.”

If not for how Lu Man had been with the others all this while after she arrived and would not have had the chance to give Principal Liu a call, Wu Zilin might really have thought that Lu Man had already secretly told this to them sometime before.

Those four principals would clearly not know about Wu Zilins matter beforehand.

Yet Wu Zilin had a feeling that those four principals seemed to be directing their words at him with every line they spoke.

He felt really uncomfortable sitting at the side.

When she heard Principal Mins words, Lu Man glanced at Wu Zilin and said, “Since all four principals have said so, then I am assured.

I was even worried that I was a bit too extreme and would ruin the friendship between both sides.”

“How could that be What friendship is there to speak of between us and them” Principal Zhang said nonchalantly.

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