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Chapter 2372: The Face-slapping Duo

Wu Zilin: “…”

What were they staring at him for!

He didnt even say anything!

Wang Yanglin came out and everyone saw he was without luggage.

Wang Yanglin explained, “I have to attend Megas Charity Night as well, along with another brand activity.

So Im staying outside of school for convenience.

“But Megas Charity Night is at night, and while the brand activity is in the day, its after our competition.

It wont hinder our rehearsal in the day.”

Hearing this, Wu Zilin commented, “Yanglin, youre quite busy here.

Lu Man seems rather free.”

The others: “…”

Was there something wrong with Wu Zilin!

Lu Man raised her brow but remained silent.

Wang Yanglin had heard from Principal Lu about Wu Zilins matter briefly.

Principal Lu didnt go into details with Wang Yanglin, and thats because of the Wu family and him wanting to save Wu Zilins face.

But Wang Yanglin knew, at least, that Wu Zilin was on bad terms with the others.

And he got to witness Wu Zilins ridiculousness on the day he just arrived.

Now, he finally knew why the others were insistant on driving Wu Zilin away.

His constant taunts and jeers were cancerous for the team, like a wave of negative energy flooding them.

Facing him daily was hard enough.

Who would still be in the mood to focus on the competition

Wang Yanglin replied, “Lu Man is attending Megas Charity Night too.”

Seeing Lu Mans surprise, Wang Yanglin said, “Oh Your manager hasnt informed you Id even asked if anyone else from China was attending when I received the invitation.

The organizer said Gao Zishan and Dong Qinrong will attend, as well as a few other artistes who are brand ambassadors.

Were the only new actors joining.

But Ive only just received the notice too, so your manager likely will tell you in time.”

Hu Zhonghuis call came immediately after Wang Yanglin finished speaking.

Indeed, it was regarding what Wang Yanglin had spoken about.

“How convenient, since youre already in the US,” Hu Zhonghui said.

Lu Man spoke briefly to Hu Zhonghui before hanging up, then said to Wang Yanglin, “What a coincidence.

My manager called me right after you finished talking.”

Everyone then turned towards Wu Zilin once more.

Only to see his thunderous expression.

Were Wang Yanglin and Lu Man a face-slapping duo

To welcome Wang Yanglin, everyone went out for lunch.

Wu Zilin brazenly joined in.

During the meal, Lu Man said, “I went to Broadway to meet Robert and Hayer yesterday.”

Though the exchange students had already set off for the US and missed the competition going on at the National Film Academy, theyd seen the video afterward and knew of Robert and Hayer.

Moreover, if one came here to study without seeing a Broadway show once, it would be as if theyd never come to New York.

So they all bought tickets to see the show.

And they saw Robert and Hayers performance with their own eyes.

Theyd heard of them both at school, and its far more direct and impressive than hearing of them back home.

After coming here, they knew very clearly how popular and good the two were.

All perked up upon hearing Lu Mans words, and their eyes were shining brightly.

They had the same thoughts as Lu Man yesterday, not daring to hope of successfully inviting Robert and Hayer.

It was exciting enough for Lu Man to be able to contact them.

They thought that if the two top-tier actors couldnt make it, having them introduce other experienced actors to help was something plausible.

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