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Chapter 2387: Misunderstanding

They took turns speaking, and with a few short sentences, they managed to make Wang Qianyun into someone who takes advantage whenever she could, meaning she was standing here on purpose to let others misunderstand the situation.

Upset, Wang Qianyun wanted to say something to defend herself.

To make them stop belittling her.

But before she could, the other diners in this table all arrived.

All of them greeted Han Zhuoling and Han Zhuoli.

Then they were introduced to Lu Man and Shi Xiaoya.

Lu Man aside, since the Han Corporation was well-established here, any good movies they were investing in in the future would naturally have a role for Lu Man.

And Han Zhuolings purpose in bringing Shi Xiaoya here was to introduce her to more people within the industry.

Just like in the industry back home, its all about the connections over here.

Any work for important events, any help for Shi Xiaoyas career—all of these were connections.

Han Zhuoling wasnt hoping that these people could help Shi Xiaoya.

After all, whatever she wanted to do, hed help her settle everything.

For instance, when Shi Xiaoya wanted to enter Hollywoods movie production team as a makeup artist, Han Zhuoling had also paved the way for her.

But knowing more people was always advantageous.

When they were all introduced to each other, the guests then looked towards Lin Jinshu and Wang Qianyun.

“These two are…”

They clearly assumed the Lin Jinshu, Wang Qianyun, and the Han brothers were acquainted.

Han Zhuoli looked mockingly at Lin Jinshu and Wang Qianyun, as if saying, “See Others misunderstand, dont they”

He then said, “We dont know them at all.

They probably felt happy seeing their countrymen here and came over to say hi.”

Han Zhuoli might have put it this way, but the guests could read between the lines.

Many overseas Chinese were present too, not only as guests but also as the celebrities staff.

So why didnt they go to them

They likely stood here on purpose to let others misunderstand.

Han Zhuoling and Han Zhuoli couldnt very well just shoo them away and embarrass them.

Didnt Han Zhuoli leave their pride undented when he explained things as such just now

As expected, they had mistakenly assumed Lin Jinshu and Wang Qianyun knew Han Zhuoli and the others.

Hence, this handful of guests all politely but distantly greeted Lin Jinshu and Wang Qianyun.

Not wanting to alert Han Zhuoli, Wang Qianyun didnt continue pestering him and left with Lin Jinshu.

Since Han Zhuoling and Han Zhuoli, the two heavyweights were here, and the other dinner guests were also famous figures, the organizer seemed to want an East-West exchange.

So every table had a few Asian faces.

Its the Han Zhuoling and Han Zhuoli couples over here, and Gao Zishan and Dong Qinrong over at the other side.

Wang Yanglin was at another table.

Wang Yanglins table had both popular Hollywood and Japanese upcoming idols.

Gao Zishan and Dong Qinrong came together, and upon seeing Han Zhuoli and the others, they went to greet them.

The guests at the same table all clearly felt the difference in the attitude with which Han Zhuoli treated them and Lin Jinshu and Wang Qianyun just now.

This was real familiarity.

Lu Man and Shi Xiaoya also said their hellos.

“You both walked the red carpet together” Han Zhuoli asked.

“I walked first.

Zishan was a few people behind me, so I waited for her,” Dong Qinrong said with a smile.

Gao Zishan was on pretty good terms with Dong Qinrong.

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