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Chapter 2391: Without Even Glancing at Him

At this moment, more and more people had already entered the venue.

The people who had entered after were household names from all over the world.

There were top stars, top directors, and top producers.

Oren even recognized the manager of a top-paid male celebrity, Bauman.

There was also the boss of the management company where Oren was from, Rowell.

He saw Bauman and Rowell walking over together.

At this moment, Oren could not afford to be bothered with Lu Man.

His own future was all he could think of.

As he was preparing to go up to them, he saw Bauman and Rowell walking straight over.

They looked like they were coming to greet him.

Oren was shocked, but he was still aware of his own limitations.

He was considered not bad in school.

However, once he was placed in Hollywood, he was extremely lacking.

These two people were important characters and were unlikely to specially come over to greet him.

As his boss, Rowell definitely knew him.

But it might not be the case for Bauman.

He saw Bauman and Rowell coming nearer and nearer until they were in front of him.

Sure enough, they stopped beside him.

Without even glancing at him, the two of them greeted Han Zhuoli and Han Zhuoling.

Bauman smiled and said, “Mr.

Han, I heard that the Han Corporation is planning to film part two of your fantasy movie,Universe.”

“Ive already approved the proposal,” Han Zhuoli said.

“Its not only part two, but part three has also been placed on the agenda.

It will have a different lead.

I hope that the lead can link with the leads from the previous two movies.”

Bauman and Rowell listened until their eyes shone.

“Then what about the selection of the lead…” Rowell asked.

The first part of the fantasy movie, “Universe,” which was created by the Han Corporation, had established Cao Jingchengs position as an international A-list celebrity.

International A-list celebrity!

So many actors in the country wanted to break into Hollywood but could not do so.

Regardless of the number of times they went, they always returned in low spirits following a failure to achieve their ambitions.

Not to mention becoming an A-lister or B-lister, if one were able to merely gain a foothold, it would be enough for them to have status in their own country for a long time.

Although those domestic actors whod had a part in Hollywood movies only revealed their faces and had just a few lines, they were still being favored by their own people.

What more if they could attain a ranking in Hollywood

There had never been an Asian actor who could become an A-lister in Hollywood!

Cao Jingcheng originally could be considered as a lower-middle B-lister internationally.

Even so, this had already allowed Cao Jingcheng to become the top person domestically.

Many people did not favor the first part of the fantasy movie, “Devil Warriors,” that was developed by the Han Corporation before its release.

Due to many factors, including the production company and many domestic films being produced here earlier, the movie was not acknowledged.

The factors also included not trusting the movies special effects, plot, and quality.

There were all kinds of reasons.

Before it was screened, it had been fiercely ridiculed by the media.

But after it was screened, “Devil Warriors” became the underdog.

The box office was not ideal on the first day.

As the media had collectively given it poor reviews earlier, the audience did not think well of it.

But there were also people who were of a mind to ridicule it when they watched the movie.

They were prepared to scoff at it after watching it.

Who knew that after watching the movie, they would feel that…

It was really good.

And they started to praise it.

Gradually, the news spread by word of mouth and things became better and better.

Hence, many of the audience were curious to find out whether the news was true and went to watch it.

In the end, they discovered that the movie was really very good.

The plot was full and the rhythm was just right.

People were attracted by the filming method and the use of the lens.

Furthermore, as Cao Jingcheng was the male lead in this movie, he went from an international B-lister to an A-lister.

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