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When Lu Man arrived, one artist was standing in the center, striking a couple of Wushu actions according to the Wushu Directors instructions.

Lu Man casually glanced over, but her gaze was stuck immediately.

Mi Qiansong!

Mi Qiansong was actually here!

It looked like she was the assistant of the Wushu director.

The Wushu director was describing some rough actions and Mi Qiansong performing them to instruct the actors.

Lu Man remembered that in her previous life, Mi Qiansong was only a Wushu coach in a school and had yet to enter any production team as a Wushu director.

She did not expect that in this life things would turn out this way.

She felt that perhaps because she had sent Liu Musen to jail, Mi Qiansongs life took a turn in a different direction and she did not end up in jail, becoming a Wushu director instead.

Meanwhile, Xia Mengxuan was craning her neck, looking here and there among the crowd.

She wasnt interested in any of the actors that had come for this audition.

Xia Mengxuan was just contemplating how she could catch the directors attention, maybe he would take a liking to her at first sight!

Eventually, she happened to see that Lu Man come too.

Xia Mengxuan tugged on You Lilis elbow, “Lu Man is here too.

Tch! Wasnt she still acting all high and mighty like she wasnt interested at all just now She sure knows how to fake!”

You Lili had no animosity towards Lu Man and wasnt competing with her in any way, so she did not reply Xia Mengxuan.

Xia Mengxuan looked away from Lu Man and focused all her thoughts on how to make herself stand out among the crowd of actors.

Letting go of You Lilis elbow, she started squeezing her way forward.

Some female artiste who was shoved by her said unhappily, “What are you doing Where are you from, why are you pushing us!”

“You arent an artist, right Ive never seen you before in the industry,” someone said.

“Shes from the Public Relations department, Ive seen her before,” another person replied.

“If youre not an actor, why are you here being a busybody! Why are you pushing!” All the actors who were pushed and shoved by Xia Mengxuan were displeased.

However, Xia Mengxuan did not bother responding to them.

They were just some small fry who barely made it to a C-list, nobody knew if they will ever have the chance to be popular.

Right now, she couldnt care less about them.

“Hmph,” Xia Mengxuan huffed, her disregard towards them obvious even without speaking.

The few people who were shoved aside by her exploded immediately.

She needed to take a look at herself in the mirror! How dare she look down on them!

“Stop it!” An artist suddenly grabbed onto Xia Mengxuans elbow, “Have some decency even if you are chasing after celebrities! Dont mess up the order here at the audition!”

“Please, shes not a fan.

I think shes dreaming of becoming a celebrity herself! Using all her energy, shoving her way forward to gain attention, shes an idiot who should first take a look at herself in the mirror, shes dreaming of something impossible!”

“Even if you really want to audition, queue up! Cant you see that we are in a queue” Another person said.

Those who werent going to audition stood at the side.

They were just curious to see what was going on.

Moreover, there were also other currently popular celebrities who could audition first upon arrival.

In this industry, all that mattered was experience, seniority, and popularity.

Everyone knew it very well and also they could not say much about it.

But if someone like Xia Mengxuan wanted to cut the queue too

No way!

Just a while back she was insulted by Chen Shimian, and now she was again being looked down upon by a small celebrity that wasnt even C-list.

Xia Mengxuan angrily pointed a finger at that person, “Whats so impressive about you You have got a nose and chin job, making you look like some snake demon and yet you still have the cheek to talk about me No wonder you arent popular, you wont get famous in this lifetime!”

That person was so angry that her face was twisted out of shape.

It was fine to say that she had plastic surgery.

Who in the industry didnt get something fixed these days

But the one thing she hated the most was people saying that she would never be famous!

Furious, that artist suddenly grabbed onto the finger Xia Mengxuan was pointed at her and twisted in hardly.

“Ah!” Xia Mengxuan screeched in pain.

She put in all her effort to pull her hand away and ducked to the side, trying to hide.

Yet, eventually, she hit the person next to her.

And one after another, they all fell like dominoes.


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