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Chapter 2402: Consider Yourselves as Being Tactful

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It could be seen that their teams capability was indeed very strong.

Although one could not say how incredible their performance was, their foundation was very solid.

Their performance was steady on stage, and they had also controlled the rhythm well.

The performance was not messy.

It was considered an ornamental performance.

But the flaw was that the performance was overly conforming to the norms.

“They have performed so well.

Even if our performance is stable, well tie with them at most,” Xu Chuansheng worriedly said.

However, Guo Hai had adjusted his mindset well.

“Its also not bad to tie with them.

Actually, having a tie is the best result that I expect.”

It was fine as long as they did not lose too badly.

“Im afraid we may not even have a tie,” Sun Hezhou said in a low voice.

“Dont be so negative,” Lu Man said.

“I wonder if they considered learning the lessons from the second-string team previously and did not dare to make themselves stand out too prominently.

In the end, as they had retrained themselves too much and were a little too cautious, they did not have enough highlights.

“As long as they still have shortcomings, well have a chance,” Lu Man said.

After hearing Lu Mans words and seeing how calm she appeared, Sun Hezhou became a little more confident.

They could watch the performance on stage through the screen at the back stage.

The first team finished performing.

Lenard was the first to give a review.

His views were the same as Lu Man.

The other judges also felt that the first team had many areas of improvement.

But overall, they had passed.

As the judges were top directors and actors, their requirements were also strict.

This kind of performance was only considered a pass to them.

Just as the judges finished their reviews, Lu Man and the others were informed to prepare to get on stage to perform.

The ten of them went behind the curtain to wait.

Soon, they saw Oren and the rest coming down the stage.

When they were on stage just now, they had appeared very modest.

But the moment they came down, their faces became black.

“Do those judges know how to review! Even if we have areas of improvement, we are also not as mediocre as what theyve said.”

“If our performance can only be considered as conforming to the norms, what about the performance of those people from the exchange team Wont they be below standard” Jared sneered.

“I originally thought that we could win beautifully.

Who knew that the judges would actually give such reviews” Zac said.

“You all better talk less.

Be careful not to let the judges outside know.

Otherwise, they wont have a good impression of us.

They are not ordinary people and can affect our future,” Ashely said.

She didnt remind them about such matters out of the kindness of her heart.

It was just that they were a team now.

If these words really reached the ears of the judges, they wouldnt go and distinguish between the ones who had spoken ill of them and those who didnt.

Instead, they would think that the whole team was involved.

Ashley was afraid of being implicated.

In any case, the others had listened to her and did not talk further.

They even glanced at Lu Man and the rest.

Would these people spread what we have said

However, Lu Man did not even look at them.

Who would be in the mood to care about what they say at this important moment It was more important to perform well for their show first.

The fact that Lu Man ignored them did not mean that the morons would let it pass.

Albertine narrowed his eyes and asked Lu Man and the others, “Did you all hear what we said just now”

Lu Man, who was in front of the others, coldly said, “We are busy preparing to go on stage.

We simply cannot bother listening to what you all have said.”

“Consider yourselves as being tactful.” Albertine gazed at them disdainfully..

“Even if you all have heard it, pretend that you didnt hear anything and forget it immediately.”

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