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Chapter 2418: Snatched Away by Someone

“Who could it be Man Man doesnt know a lot of people here.” Shen Nuo was shocked and angry.

No matter who it was, the person had been after Lu Mans life!

How deep was their hatred that the person went to the extent of going after her life!

While Lu Man was here, she fell out with a few people in the top team because of the exchange competition.

But the students in the top team had quite a bit of fame in Hollywood as well.

They probably would not do such an extreme thing just because of this matter.

They might bear a grudge against Lu Man, but not to the extent of going after her life!

But aside from this, Lu Man also did not know other people.

After she came, besides attending lessons in school and rehearsing, she just stayed with Han Zhuoli.

“We will find out sooner or later,” Han Zhuoli said.

Lu Man was lying very peacefully.

They just did not know when she would come to.

Looking at her now, it was as if she was sleeping.

Its just that there was a bandage wrapped around her head, which really made everyone feel worried.

Yet nobody expected that after Lu Man fell unconscious, she would not wake even until the third day.

Xia Qingwei stayed by Lu Mans side in the day and only returned to the hotel with Wang Juhuai at night.

In this way, she would not really have time to take care of little Yijun.

Luckily, when she came here, Wang Juhuai had been worried that Xia Qingwei would not be able to manage, so he had brought Auntie Liang along as well.

Although Auntie Liang did not know how to speak English, there was no problem since she was normally just in charge of looking after little Yijun.

On the third day that Lu Man was unconscious, the Han Family people and Xia Qingwei were both around.

Han Zhuofeng went with Han Zhuoling to settle the matter of finding the culprit.

Through the surveillance cameras, they had confirmed the identities of a few hooligans and were still looking for those hooligans.

At first, everyone had not been very worried.

Although she hurt her head, the injury was not serious, so they felt that if there were no accidents, she would be able to wake up that very night.

Even the doctor thought so too.

Alas, Lu Man did not wake up at all.

Han Zhuoli just sat by the bedside the entire time, his eyes becoming more and more bloodshot.

Even when he slept here at night, he did not dare to fall into a deep sleep.

He was afraid that he would not know when Lu Man woke up.

So he would often wake up in alarm at night, checking on Lu Mans condition from time to time.

With each day passing like this, Han Zhuolis spirits were depleting.

Xia Qingwei was not able to persuade him.

Anyway, she too could not get a good sleep from worry, so she could understand how Han Zhuoli felt.

Just as she was watching Lu Man, Wang Juhuai received a call from Auntie Liang.

Xia Qingwei turned to look and saw Wang Juhuais expression paling instantly, the kind that was ghastly pale.

She had never seen Wang Juhuai like this before.

Xia Qingweis heart rate spike when she heard Wang Juhuai ask, “Have you called the police”

“Okay, I got it!” Wang Juhuai ended the call hurriedly.

When Xia Qingwei heard the words “called the police,” her heart instantly jumped to her throat.

“Juhuai, whats wrong”

Wang Juhuais teeth trembled.

He clutched Xia Qingweis shoulders and said, “Listen to me, but you must stay calm.

No matter what, dont panic and hold it in.”

“What is it” Xia Qingwei clutched his elbow.

“Yijun got snatched away by some people,” Wang Juhuai said.

“Auntie Liang just brought him to the playground near the hotel to play, yet suddenly, three men rushed out.

Two of them blocked Auntie Liang off while the other carried the child and ran away.

There were other aunties who also brought children out to play there who happened to be our countrymen, so they helped Auntie Liang to call the police.”

How could Xia Qingwei not panic

Her face turned as pale as ice, her lips trembling uncontrollably.

“Lets go to the police station now,” Wang Juhuai said.

Xia Qingweis tears fell instantly.

Her hands and feet turned cold, her body trembling all over.

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