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Chapter 2465: So Thrilling, As If Her Life Has Reached Its Peak

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The reason why it could become a scenic spot was also because of the Mount Lan Compound.

The Wen Family was not some secret, unknown organization in the country.

On the contrary, as long as one was not clueless about the news, one would know of the Wen Familys existence.

It was just that with regards to the details, they still kept those secret.

Many people who came to T City to have fun would all come to the base of the Mount Lan Compound to snap a picture of themselves here.

They could not step into Mount Lan, but they could take photos at the foot of the mountain.

The location of the Wen Family had never been a secret.

There was no need to hide it, and they did not need to fear that the enemy would come forth and attack them after knowing their location.

Because there was no one who could be a match against the Wen Family.

Spines main forces were based overseas.

And because it had a good relationship with the eight great families, they were never enemies with the Wen Family.

In this way, no one in the country dared to provoke the Wen Family at all.

The Wen Family was naturally not scared that someone would come over just because they knew of their address.

The Wen Familys attitude was obvious.

My address is here, come if you have the guts.

They were just so impressive.

But there was really no one who dared to provoke such a major force like the Wen Family.

As Wei Wucais car was driving up Mount Lan, the Hidden Guards had already seen him.

They recognized Wei Wucais car and knew that the people sitting inside were Han Zhuoli and Lu Man.

They instantly let them in and went to report to their superiors, to let them know that Han Zhuoli and Lu Man had already arrived.

“Is Xie Jiling here now” Han Zhuoli asked Wei Wucai.

“She is.

She has been here during this period.

As the representative sent to the Wen Family by the Xie Family, she has to familiarize herself over here for a period of time first,” Wei Wucai said.

The car drove around the mountain road, finally reaching the entrance of the Mount Lan Compound.

At first, when they reached the foot of the mountain, Lu Man had looked up at the top of the mountain through the car windows earlier on.

Amid the verdant and lush greenery, she could see the roofs of some ancient building complexes.

Those gray-colored walls revealed themselves occasionally, and there were also exquisitely carved roofs.

Just looking at them like this, their appearance did not lose to those of famous ancient building complexes at all.

The car stopped at the entrance.

After the Hidden Guards confirmed their identities, they opened the gate for them.

Wei Wucai drove in and parked the car at the parking lot near the entrance.

The vacant space was actually not designed to be a parking lot.

It was just found to be quite suitable for parking cars, so everyone parked their cars there.

It was convenient when they needed to set out for missions too.

When Lu Man got off the car, she saw rows of cars parked neatly over there.

And they were all of the same model and style, and they did not have any brand logos on them.

Lu Man was not into cars, so if there were no car brand logos, she was completely unable to decipher what type of car it was just based on its appearance.

“These are the cars we usually use for missions.

They have been specially designed and modified by our technical department,” Wei Wucai said.

He did not hide it from them and told them about it very openly.

“Making the whole car bulletproof is the most basic point.

The car interior has weapons hidden in it.

By using the control buttons in the car, you can open up the gun-sized holes in the front, rear, left, and right sides of the car.

“So, the moment a chase fight happens, as long as its our enemy, no matter which direction he is in, he would not be able to run away,” Wei Wucai said.

As Wei Wucai was describing things, Lu Man already imagined a very spectacular scene in her mind.

The people from the Wen Family were speeding on the roads, with an enemy in pursuit.

But whether it was the back, left, or right side, the Wen Familys car would suddenly reveal a gun-hole, aim right at the opponents car, and fire intensely.

This scene was really…

It was so thrilling, as if her life had reached its peak.

After that, Wei Wucai brought them along to walk deeper into the interior of the compound.

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