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Chapter 2469: A Gradual Loss of Everything

Obviously, Lu Qi would not stop He Zhengbai from socializing with other girls.

However, she was very firm about one thing: her marriage with He Zhengbai must last.

She would not allow He Zhengbai to marry someone else.

He Zhengbai could hide their marriage and date other women to obtain certain benefits.

But she refused to divorce He Zhengbai and let him marry someone else.

The He family found Lu Qis explanation believable.

After all, after Lu Qi was abandoned by Lu Qiyuan, shed rushed to the He family for refuge.

She had put her own mother in prison and used that as an exchange term, forcing He Zhengbai to register their marriage officially.

If Lu Qi were to be so quick to give up on He Zhengbai and even agree to divorce him, the He family would suspect her intentions and think that she had something bad in mind.

However, Lu Qi only begged for freedom and to not be locked in the He residence.

She was willing to cooperate as long as she could stay married to He Zhengbai.

And this was why the He family had a sense of relief.

Both parties needed something from each other.

Both parties had leverage on each other, which would make the other person cower in fear.

This gave both of them a sense of relief.

Although they really wanted to make He Zhengbai and Lu Qi divorce, they had to have total control to make sure that Lu Qi would have no way to decide anything on this divorce and take anything from the He family.

Even her own possessions must belong to them.

They must also ensure that Lu Qi could not say anything bad about He Zhengbai and the He family.

Before those things could be ensured, the He family would not make a careless move and let He Zhengbai and Lu Qi divorce.

And so, Lu Qi was able to leave the He residence and stay outside by herself.

Since then, He Zhengbai had not seen her even once.

Their marriage was just a piece of paper.

After getting married, He Zhengbai treated her worse.

At least before their marriage, the two had affectionate actions.

However, all of that disappeared when they got married.

He Zhengbai started dating celebrities outside and having ambiguous relationships with them to gain some benefits.

Even now, nobody knew that she and He Zhengbai were married.

A wedding was also impossible.

Lu Qi could not help but think that if her nominal marriage with He Zhengbai continued and they did not divorce, then she would not be able to have a grand wedding her whole life.

On the other hand, Lu Mans life was so much better.

Han Zhuoli was on a different level than He Zhengbai.

He was so much better than He Zhengbai.

If you asked anyone to choose between Han Zhuoli and He Zhengbai, everyone would choose Han Zhuoli.

He Zhengbai and Han Zhuoli were totally not on the same level.

They were like the sky and the earth.

The difference was obvious.

Initially, Lu Man and Han Zhuoli did not hold a wedding ceremony.

Even after they had registered their marriage and even if everyone knew that Lu Man and Han Zhuoli were married, Lu Qi did not think that Lu Mans life was much better.

Both she and Lu Man did not hold an official wedding ceremony.

And so, neither of them should feel better than the other.

But Lu Man would soon be having a wedding ceremony!

Lu Qi knew! She knew that Lu Man was more blessed than her.

But since when

Lu Qi couldnt remember clearly.

Lu Man used to have nothing.

She had also been useless.

In the past, everyone was jealous of Lu Qi.

However, before Lu Qi knew it, Lu Man had gained everything.

As for Lu Qi, she had gradually lost everything.

And now, there was nowhere she could call home.

Her mother was in prison, and her father refused to recognize her as his daughter.

After putting in a lot of effort, she got married.

However, this marriage was in name only.

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