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Chapter 2486: It Will Be Unbecoming of You If You Still Dont Come

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So they all decided to participate without first asking each other, and the list of people who were coming was almost fully checked.

“Mm, I received the invitation a few days ago.” Shi Xiaoya smiled and said, “For such a meaningful occasion like the 100th year anniversary, I will definitely have to go.”

“Thats great.

Our classmates are all coming,” Gao Yaohai said.

“We have all been classmates from primary school up until senior high.

Its rare that all of us would be present this time, so Im thinking that after the celebration ends, our class can have a small gathering together.

Do you have time for that

“Previously, our class also met once every year, but every time, we werent able to have a full class gathering.”

Actually, there were only 20 people in their class.

Hearing that their whole class would gather together sounded like it was a large-scale event.

But the number of people was considered very normal for everyday social gatherings.

“You didnt come for quite a few times already.

Now that everyone will be present, you cant not attend anymore.

We havent seen each other for so many years now.

It would be unbecoming of you if you still didnt come,” Gao Yaohai said.

Shi Xiaoya smiled and nodded.

“I got it, I will definitely attend this time.”

“Yay, thats a promise.” Once Gao Yaohai got a satisfactory answer, he ended the call.

“What is it” Han Zhuoling asked her.

Shi Xiaoya said, “Jixia Academy contacted you before too, right Its about the 100th year anniversary.”

Han Zhuoling nodded.

“They did.

Besides the fact that its my alma mater, even if its just to give the Qi Family face, the people in our family will certainly attend.”

“Ah!” Shi Xiaoya recalled.

“Uncle, Second Uncle, Auntie, and Second Aunt, they all graduated from Jixia Academy, right”

“Isnt it confusing to address them like that” Han Zhuoling laughed and said, “Since you already call the others Second Uncle and Second Aunt, then you can just call my dad and mom,Dad and Mom, alright”

Shi Xiaoyas face reddened; she was feeling too embarrassed to speak.

Didnt she call them like that just then to differentiate them

If not, how was she supposed to address Han Zhuolis parents

As for her form of address for Han Zhuolings parents, wasnt it because they werent married yet

So she felt embarrassed to call them Dad and Mom.

But they were at the Wang residence, so Han Zhuoling did not put Shi Xiaoya on the spot here.

He did not haggle with her over the issue of how to address the elders and said, “Its not just them.

The two elders also graduated from Jixia Academy.

The people from the eight great families all graduated from Jixia Academy.”

“Then will the elders be attending as well” Shi Xiaoya asked in surprise.

“Dad, Mom, Second Uncle, and Second Aunt would all go as long as they had the time to.

But the two elders are already so old, so they will not go,” Han Zhuoling said.

“You will be going too, right”

“Mm.” Shi Xiaoya nodded.

“Just now, my former class monitor called, saying that after the school celebrations, we can have a class gathering as well.”

Speaking of that, it was quite coincidental.

In Shi Xiaoyas batch, there was no heir from the eight great families at all.

The people in that batch all came from backgrounds that were similar to Shi Xiaoyas, either of a little lower or higher status than hers.

“I havent attended such gatherings for quite a few years already.

Since Im already going to attend the schools anniversary celebrations, if I still dont attend the class gathering after that, it wont be excusable,” Shi Xiaoya said.

“Why didnt you go previously” Han Zhuoling then asked.

Shi Xiaoya gave a long “hmmm” before she scrunched her nose a little and said, “Because I went to learn to do makeup, which was not like the more usual or common professions among the school students, or the more popular professions either.

The others either prepared to take over the helm to run their family business or went to work in their familys company.

Or they went out to set up their own business outside, like setting up their own companies or their own brands, things like that, no matter whether they are guys or girls.

“When they were establishing their own companies, I was still following my teacher around as an assistant..

It was only during these two years that Ive finally carved a name for myself.”

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