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Chapter 2498: Have Mercy

Anyway, Han Zhuoli and Lu Man were already husband and wife.

They had simply posed an appropriate challenge for the men when they came to fetch the bride and would consider it a pass once theyd had some fun.

They would not really stop Han Zhuoli.

So when they reached the door to Lu Mans bedroom, Yan Zhiqing and the others did not stop him.

They just smiled happily and waited for Han Zhuoli to enter.

Han Zhuoli glanced at them with uncertainty and caution as he asked, “Youre letting me in now”

Yan Zhiqing tsked and said, “You think were letting you enter too easily, is that it”

As she said that, Yan Zhiqing took out her phone and said, “Then you wait for a moment, I will search and see if there are any other ways to prank the groom.”

“Wait!” Han Zhuoli immediately stopped her and said, “Please have mercy, please have mercy!”

Yan Zhiqing could not help but laugh and say, “I was letting you go in and yet you didnt want to.

Quickly, go in now.”

Many bride-fetching activities included segments that ask the groom to say some promises along the lines of how he would treat her well.

But Yan Zhiqing and the others felt that this was really unnecessary.

Anyway, Han Zhuoli treating Lu Man well was something that was evidently obvious.

Whether a man treated you well or not, it would not be determined with just a few words.

Many married couples who made extremely touching promises during their wedding still ended up getting divorced when they wanted to.

This had nothing to do with what had been said.

Those promises and pledges that had been said were actually quite useless and could just be taken with a pinch of salt.

Yan Zhiqing had also attended quite a few weddings before, not just within her family, but also the weddings of other celebrities in the industry.

There was nothing much to say for the weddings that her own family members held.

It was just that when she attended weddings of many people in the industry, Yan Zhiqing would often scoff internally when she heard the promises made during their wedding ceremonies.

She really did not quite believe them.

Han Zhuoli had also missed Lu Man a lot after not seeing her for the whole night.

Now that the bridesmaid team was not stopping him, he quickly pushed the door open.

In the end, he stopped at the door, feeling awestruck.

Lu Man had already tried on the wedding gown at Qin Zigous studio previously, and he had seen her then.

He had been spellbound the moment he saw her back then.

But some time had passed since, so even though he was already mentally prepared, thinking that he could probably be able to face it calmly…

He did not expect that the moment the door opened and he saw Lu Man sitting quietly on the bed, her wedding gown spread out in the shape of a fishtail…

The V-shaped design on the neckline of the wedding dress revealed the beautiful contours of her neck and shoulders.

Her graceful, swan-like neck seemed to be basked in a glow from the sunlight that streamed in through the windows.

When she heard him come in, Lu Man turned to look at him, and a beautiful curve stretched across her lips.

Han Zhuoli simply fell dumbstruck at the door.

His bride was way too charming, making him unwilling to even blink his eyes.

He just wanted to record this moment down forever.

Zheng Yuan and the two girls covered their mouths and secretly giggled.

Han Zhuoli was obviously falling into a daze from looking at Lu Man.

No one disturbed him.

Until Han Zhuoli had really been taking a bit too long being dazed still.

If they let him continue being in a daze like that, they probably would not be able to reach the hotel on time.

Yan Zhiqing quietly raised her phone behind Han Zhuoli and pointed to the time on the phone screen for Lu Man to see.

Lu Man then laughed and said, “Until when are you going to space out Arent you coming in”

Han Zhuoli finally regained his senses and walked right up to Lu Man.

“I clearly saw how you looked like when you wore a wedding dress before.

But looking at you now, you look even prettier than you did the previous time.” Han Zhuoli laughed as he asked, “How do you do it You make me feel so awestruck each time.”

Lu Mans cheeks flushed red slightly, as if she had just applied a rosy blush color.

Han Zhuoli lowered his head, wanting to plant a kiss on her slightly reddened cheek.

“Wait!” Shi Xiaoya quickly stopped him and said, “Dont kiss, the makeup will smudge if you kiss!”

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