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Chapter 2499: Take Note Not to Look at Other People of the Opposite Sex

Han Zhuoli: “…”

He could not even kiss his wife when he was getting married

Lu Man laughed and tugged on Han Zhuolis sleeve.

“Okay, I wont kiss anymore,” Han Zhuoli could only say.

Shi Xiaoya then stepped aside.

Han Zhuoli bent over and carried Lu Man up from the bed in his arms.

“Lets go get married.” Han Zhuoli lowered his head, smiling as he stared at Lu Man.

Lu Man hugged Han Zhuoli around the neck tightly with both hands.

Han Zhuoli sounded as if he was saying, “Lets go, were going back home!”

Lu Man laughed instantly.

Because even if she was going to get married with Han Zhuoli and not going home, no matter where he was, that would be where her home was.

With him around, that would be where she would belong to.

No matter where they went, as long as they were together, she would feel a sense of belonging.

Lu Man nodded somberly.

She recalled that period when she was unconscious and her soul returned to her previous lifetime.

Her first reaction had been to go and find Han Zhuoli.

Even if Han Zhuoli could not see her then, she still wanted to stay by Han Zhuolis side.

Because as long as she was by his side, she would feel secure and feel a sense of belonging.

Even if he could not see her, she had still felt that way.

Han Zhuoli carried Lu Man into the car.

They all set off for the family home.

The groom would first bring the bride to pay respects to his parents, but the whole family was now present at the Han Family.

Its true that the family home was surrounded by neighbors from wealthy and respectable families as well.

But no matter how wealthy those families were, their children all loved to join in the fun of a lively scene.

Knowing that a bride would be coming today, many young children all came running out to watch the show.

When Han Zhuoli and Lu Man got off the car, who knew which familys young child exclaimed, “The bride is so pretty!”

Lu Man sputtered out laughing.

She turned towards the source of the voice and saw a few little boys standing beside the wedding car.

The children that were a little older were all laughing at the youngest little boy in the center and said, “Youre so young, yet you actually know whether someone is pretty or not.”

Who knew if the youngest little boy was feeling shy, but his face was blushing after he was teased by the older brothers.

The little boy cupped his face and said, “Anyway, when I grow up, I also want to marry such a pretty bride!”

Lu Man heard everything that the children said clearly, and she naturally knew that the child that had just praised her was the youngest one amid the bunch of them.

Lu Man just felt that this little kid was so cute, so she smiled at him and even waved her hand at him.

The little boy instantly felt really proud and said, “Did you all see that The pretty older sister even smiled at me.”

Lu Man was smiling when her face suddenly got held by someone.

The person holding her face was naturally Han Zhuoli; no one else would do that.

Right after that, Lu Mans face got turned back by Han Zhuoli, who said, “Look at me.

What are you looking at other people for Take note not to look at other people of the opposite sex.”

Lu Man: “… ”

He even said “opposite sex”!

“Thats just a kid.

He looks like hes only about four or five years old,” Lu Man said.

“That still wont do.

Didnt you hear him saying that he wants to marry such a pretty bride like you when he grows up” Han Zhuoli said.

As he said that, he could not help but laugh too before continuing, “I didnt expect that such a young kid would have quite a good eye.”

“By the time he grows up, I will have already become a middle-aged woman and my beauty will have waned by then,” Lu Man said with a smile.

“Who says so” Han Zhuoli held Lu Mans hand and entered the family home as he said, “You will always be very pretty.”

Yet again, they heard the chatter from the group of children behind them.

The children who were slightly older said, “This bride is a female celebrity.

Thats why shes so pretty.”

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