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Chapter 2532: Why Did He Think of Yan Zhiqing for No Reason

Then Wen Ren felt too jealous and dominated Fang Jiaran, not allowing her to watch again.

And it was precisely because Wei Wucai worked in Mount Lan Compound that Dong Muping rarely talked about Wei Wucais work.

After all, many missions that Mount Lan Compound did were supposed to be confidential.

Even the internal training at Mount Lan Compound was confidential.

Although she did not know much, actually, to avoid trouble, she just decided not to mention it at all.

Or else, if she told other people that her son was from Mount Lan Compound…

Outsiders were really curious about Mount Lan Compound.

If they learned that her son was someone from there, they would definitely have many questions to ask.

She knew that.

To avoid trouble, she was not willing to talk about it.

And as there were things she did not even know about, it was all the more impossible for her to talk.

But if other people felt that she knew but deliberately refrained from saying anything, then that would offend people as well.

So Dong Muping decided not to say anything at all.

Dong Muping smiled and said, “Since you are already here, then I will go out and shop with Mrs.


The clothes that the two of us buy, youngsters wont be interested in.

If we drag Miss Luo to go and shop with us, I will feel quite bad.

How perfect, then.

With you here to keep her company, the two of us can go off to shop.”

Dong Muping stood up.


Luo understood her intention.

Dong Muping was purposely creating an opportunity for the two young people.

Seeing how enthusiastic Dong Muping was, Mrs.

Luo felt even more happy.

If they really became a match, with a mother-in-law like Dong Muping, things would really be quite good.

Hence, Mrs.

Luo went off together with Dong Muping.

Only Luo Qingxian and Wei Wucai were left in the room.

Seeing how handsome Wei Wucai was, Luo Qingxian instantly felt really satisfied.

Luo Qingxian was just judging him based on his looks right now.

Anyway, the suitors whom her family introduced to her would definitely come from pretty good family backgrounds, so she did not need to ask about the other partys family background at all.

They were all in the same social circle.

Who did not know about each others family backgrounds

So she did not need to worry at all about what the other partys background was like.

She just hoped that she could find a good-looking and handsome man.

If they lived together, he would be pleasing to her eyes.

And she would feel proud when she brought him out too.

A handsome husband from a reputable family, who wouldnt be envious of that

Speaking of that, actually, even though the suitors recommended by their families all came from reputable family backgrounds, not every person who had a reputable family background was handsome.

Some looked ugly and repulsive.

Luo Qingxian would rather find someone who had no money but had good looks.

Anyway, her family was rich, so she could just support the other party after they got married.

At least she would not feel repulsed looking at that face.

If she found someone from a reputable family but was ugly, she really could not accept it.

Alas, these were not things that were within her control.

Their marriages had always been tied together with the family interests.

She did not have a choice at all.

If she could have a choice within the circle, it was already not bad.

This time, she had extremely good luck and actually got Wei Wucai as her blind date.

Luo Qingxian blushed and said shyly, “Im sorry, I didnt expect it either, that our parents…”

Wei Wucai did not have any feelings towards Luo Qingxian.

Of course, this was only their first time meeting.

What feelings could he have

As for how Luo Qingxian looked, he did not mind either.

To say something shameless, he had long become immune after looking at this face of his in the mirror every day.

The average pretty woman would not be able to stun him at all.

Except for that face of Yan Zhiqings…

Wei Wucai was stunned for a moment.

He frowned slightly.

Why did he think of Yan Zhiqing for no reason

It was probably because he had just seen her outside.

That was why he thought of her all of a sudden.

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