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Chapter 2565: Just Kidding

Luo Qingxians smile froze and she began to feel uncomfortable.

She had indeed felt so jealous that she almost lost her reason, so shed said that in a moment of recklessness.

They saw how loving Han Zhuoling and Shi Xiaoya looked and how Han Zhuoling did not even look at other people no matter how pretty they were.

And he did not even ask for their names.

Even though Han Zhuoling was divorced and slightly older than them, he was still very popular.


Could he not be popular

Han Zhuoling was not that old, and being once divorced was not a big issue.

These things did not reduce his attractiveness at all.

Yet Shi Xiaoya could actually have such a good relationship with Han Zhuoling, so good that Han Zhuoling did not even look at anyone else.

Its true that she also suspected that Han Zhuoling might be deliberately putting on an act because they were in the public eye.

But this did not stop her from feeling jealous.

She also wanted to find such an outstanding fiancé, but why was it so difficult

Luo Qingxian felt that she was not inferior compared with Shi Xiaoya.

Why should Shi Xiaoya be able to find one but not her

Of course, Luo Qingxian was not the only one with this kind of mentality.

Just now, when Han Zhuoling showed his face here, quite a few people had felt spited.

Yuan Ailin and Shen Mujing also had similar thoughts.

Its just that the two of them were not as reckless as Luo Qingxian, who had said such words out loud so directly.

And actually, Luo Qingxian did that also because she got spited by Wei Wucai.

Previously, on her blind date with Wei Wucai, after she heard Wei Wucai say those things, Luo Qingxian had really looked down on him quite a lot.

But because she saw that Wei Wucai and Yan Zhiqing had an ambiguous relationship, Luo Qingxian felt upset as well.

Wei Wucai did not have any achievements, yet he still did not take a liking to her.

Then who did he like Yan Zhiqing

Most importantly, Luo Qingxian did not think there was anything about her that could not compare to Yan Zhiqing.

Out of bitterness and spite, Luo Qingxian went to ask around about Wei Wucai and Yan Zhiqing.

Yet she asked one whole round and did not hear anything about the two of them.

But she did manage to find out that Wei Wucai was nothing like what he had told her previously.

Wei Wucai was someone from Mount Lan Compound!

Although she did not know the details, she heard that his position in Mount Lan Compound was not low at all!

Luo Qingxian then knew that she had been tricked by Wei Wucai.

It was very likely that Wei Wucai did not like her at all, so he had purposely made it sound like he was very useless and lied to her.

As for Luo Qingxian, when she thought of the things shed said to Wei Wucai that day, she felt utterly embarrassed.

After her embarrassment faded, she only felt anger.

If Wei Wucai had not purposely misled her, why would she have said those words!

At the end of the day, it was still Wei Wucais fault!

Why did Wei Wucai lie to her!

And what right did he have to not take a liking to her!

The more she thought about it, the angrier she felt.

And today, she saw Shi Xiaoya and Han Zhuoling looking so close and happy together.

Shi Xiaoya was able to find a person like Han Zhuoling who had real power in his hands.

Yet someone like Wei Wucai, who had no real power in the Wei Family, did not even take a liking to her!

How could Luo Qingxian not feel angry

Now that she got rebuffed by Shi Xiaoya, Luo Qingxian finally felt as if someone had poured cold water right over her head.

She finally knew to feel worried.

What if Shi Xiaoya went back and told Han Zhuoling about what shed said

She felt that Han Zhuoling probably would not be so petty as to even bear grudges about those words.

Even so, she would still feel guilty.

Luo Qingxian quickly smiled and said, “Xiaoya, dont be so serious.

I was just kidding and saying it for fun.

Who doesnt think Young Master Ling is a good catch To be honest, I really envy you.”

Shi Xiaoya gave her a patronizing smile.

Luo Qingxians eyes rolled around once.

She thought of how she had even asked other people to find out more about Wei Wucai..

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