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Chapter 2574: Who Would Dare to Mind

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Han Zhuoling said a little pitifully, “They all brought their family along.

If I go alone, it just feels lonely and bleak.”

Shi Xiaoya no longer wanted to eat with them anymore in the first place.

She had agreed to go at first, thinking that they really had not seen each other in a long time.

Shed felt that everyone was classmates, so they would not go overboard no matter what.

Alas, when they met today, they actually seemed to have gotten worse.

She already did not want to talk to them here.

If she were to eat together with them, she might just become gastric.

Everyone was stunned.

Just before, when Han Zhuoling came to send Shi Xiaoya over, he had at least still maintained his cold and arrogant image.

Yet now, he had started acting pitiful in front of Shi Xiaoya.

These two, their relationship was really very good, then!

Before this, who the hell had ever seen Han Zhuoling acting pitiful!

They would not even have dared to think about it!

Han Zhuoling did not wait for Shi Xiaoya to reply.

His gaze landed right on Huo Dongsen.

Previously, he was chatting with his old classmates; although they were old classmates, they were all in the same industry, so they would see each other all the time.

So the nostalgic feeling one got from meeting old classmates was not there.

Hence, Han Zhuolings attention had been on Shi Xiaoya all along.

Most importantly, he was not very assured.

After leaving Shi Xiaoya with her classmates, Han Zhuoling kept thinking of Du Yiqins words.

Shed said that Shi Xiaoya had always had guys chasing her since she was young.

She just did not know it, and she even foolishly thought that no one wanted to woo her.

Han Zhuoling then thought, what if among Shi Xiaoyas classmates, there was still one who had not given up and still liked her

And yet, that silly girl still did not notice anything.

It was one thing that Shi Xiaoya did not like the person, but for someone to be pining for his fiancée, how enraging it would be.

So Han Zhuoling could no longer stand staying there and walked towards Shi Xiaoyas side.

And indeed!

The moment he walked over, he heard someone speaking shamelessly!

Han Zhuoling thought to himself that, luckily, he came over.

If not, he would not even have known that there was still someone who had not given up on his fat hopes and still pined for Shi Xiaoya.

So, Han Zhuoling quickly said something and walked over to Shi Xiaoyas side, then hugged her waist to display his dominance.

Huo Dongsens expression changed immediately as he stared at Han Zhuoling, feeling dumbstruck.

Although he had been overseas all this time, he knew who Han Zhuoling was.

After all, he belonged to the most elite echelon of society in the country.

He had to know these things no matter what.

But looking at it now, Shi Xiaoya and Han Zhuoling

Huo Dongsens expression switched between shock and doubt.

Han Zhuoling even extended his hand to Huo Dongsen in a prim and proper manner and said, “Hello, I am Xiaoyas fiancé, Han Zhuoling.”

Huo Dongsen could only extend his hand to shake Han Zhuolings hand and reply, “Hello, I am… Xiaoyas classmate, Huo Dongsen.”

Han Zhuoling nodded and let go of Huo Dongsens hand.

Han Zhuolings expression looked very calm.

He was a sly old fox, after all.

How was he someone whom these young people could deal with

Only Huo Dongsen felt exceptionally uneasy deep down.

He did not expect that though he had been overseas to study for only two years, after coming back, Shi Xiaoya would actually already have a fiancé.

And her fiancé was not just anyone; it was Han Zhuoling!

If it was someone else, Huo Dongsen still would have had the confidence to compete.

But the other party was Han Zhuoling.

For a moment, Huo Dongsen did not even have the heart to think of competing against him.

Han Zhuoling smiled politely and said, “Im sorry, I have to bring Xiaoya away.

You all dont mind, right”

If Han Zhuoling spoke, who would dare to mind

Even Gao Yaohai, whod kept telling Shi Xiaoya that she had to attend their gathering this time…

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