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Chapter 2621: You Better Not Regret It

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“And replace the Shi family If you continue pestering them, before we replace the Shi family, our family will be finished first!” Lian Shitao shouted in rage.

“Dad!” Lian Qingyin said in frustration.

“Why cant you just get it How am I pestering him What if its you You went to have a meal with someone and went to visit his parent in his house, yet the other party said that youre pestering him.

Do you think thats right”

Lian Shitao: “…”

Although he knew that what Lian Qingyin said was definitely wrong, he could not say which part of it exactly was not right either.

Lian Qingyin rubbed the spot where Lian Shitao had just hit her and said, “Anyway, Han Zhuoling wants to keep a distance from me just because Shi Xiaoya is around.

The problem still lies with Shi Xiaoya.

If Shi Xiaoya is not around, he wouldnt treat me like how he did today.

“You just wait.

If it was a place where Shi Xiaoya was not around, things would definitely be different.” Lian Qingyin sounded really confident when she said that.

But towards the end, Lian Shitao felt that Lian Qingyin did not sound like she was explaining it to him, but rather explaining it to herself.

He never knew that his own daughter was actually so conceited.

“Stop daydreaming over there!” Lian Shitao said in a solemn voice.

“You came back late, so you dont know how nice Han Zhuoling is to Shi Xiaoya.

“He is usually such a cold and aloof person.

Ever since he got together with Shi Xiaoya, he just keeps showing off their love in public.

He never talks about himself on social media normally, but now, he would post photos of Shi Xiaoya for no reason.

With that, do you think he can even take a liking to you” Lian Shitao was fuming with rage.

“You better stop whatever youre doing now.

Its fine if you want to do it to yourself, but you still want to drag the Lian family into this Our family doesnt need you to fight for anything for us.

As long as you behave well and stop whatever youre doing, it will be help enough!” Lian Shitao paused.

When he saw Lian Qingyins reaction, he knew that she was probably not hearing him.

Most importantly, she still did not know that she was at fault at all.

This was very scary.

If she knew she was in the wrong but kept insisting on doing it, at least there was a chance that she could admit to her mistakes.

At least she would have some reservations.

But she completely did not understand that she was in the wrong and only felt that she was right.

Whoever stopped her, it would then be their fault.

How was he supposed to persuade her like this

His face fell as he shouted, “Lian Qingyin!”

Lian Qingyin looked at Lian Shitao.

Lian Shitao said, “You better get rid of those ideas of yours.

No matter what you think, Han Zhuoling doesnt like you.

He just doesnt.

“If you dont listen and insist on pestering him, you dont need to say that its for the familys good.

To prevent you from implicating the Lian family, I might just have to make a clean break with you!” Lian Shitao said coldly.

Lian Qingyin scoffed and said, “You are the one who said this.

When I and Zhuoling get together, you better not regret it! If the Lian family cant get any benefits because of me, you better not come and look for me again!”

Lian Shitao laughed in anger.

She was still going on about Zhuoling.

“You even call himZhuoling Han Zhuoling only feels disgusted when he sees you, but you still keep calling himZhuoling, Zhuoling. Why do I have such a shameless daughter like you!” Lian Shitao shouted furiously.

No wonder Han Zhuoling and his family flew into such a huge rage.

As for such a person, there was no point reasoning with her or persuading her.

Yet she did not do anything overboard.

She simply just disgusted you.

Who wouldnt be angry!

“Why dont you talk about how the Lian family hasnt been able to improve Its precisely because you are incapable, have no taste, and cant even get the problem right,” Lian Qingyin said.

“I also wont pin my hopes on you anymore.

You just wait.

I will become Mrs..


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