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Chapter 2623: Let Her Dream On

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“But” Han Zhuolings voice sounded deep and lazy

“As you can see, and as I also felt, shes… paranoid,” said Lian Shitao.

“I will do my best to stop her, but shes a human being with adequate financial freedom.

Even if I want to, I wont be able to stop her,” said Lian Shitao.

“I cant lock her up to limit her freedom.

However, with her character, if shes not locked up, she will definitely…”

She would definitely pester Han Zhuoling.

“If you cant control her, and she still pesters me…” said Han Zhuoling.

But Lian Shitao did not let Han Zhuoling finish; he already knew what Han Zhuoling wanted to say.

Its because he knew that he came back.

He did not think that Han Zhuoling was simply threatening them.

Verbal threats were not the Han Familys style of doing things.

Han Zhuoli had done it before.

The story of the Han Family using their full strength to deal with the Xia family had come out, a story that terrified people.

The Lian family was not even as good as the Xia family.

It would not require the Han Family to use their full strength.

Because he knew that the Han Family would not just send verbal threats, he did not dare to take this lightly.

“If she still bothers you, then its her problem.

Young Master Ling can do whatever you want with her.

Just… dont drag my family in.

Because I really cant stop her.

She…” said Lian Shitao.

She was still his own daughter.

“If she does not go too overboard with anything, I hope you can teach her a lesson, but please try to hold back.”

He dared to say this because, previously, Wang Qianyun had also kept on pestering Han Zhuoli, but in the end, Wang Qianyun only lost her job and went to hide in the United States.

As long as the things that Lian Qingyin did were not as bad as Wang Qianyuns actions, she would not be in big trouble.

After all, her career did not matter at all.

It was not like the Lian family could not support her.

As for Wang Qianyun, because she had tried to kill Lu Man, she went to jail.

However, this was because of the law and nothing had been handled privately.

This showed that the way the Han Family did things was still reasonable.

Lian Shitao thought that Lian Qingyin would also not be stupid enough to do something against the law.

This daughter was paranoid, but she still valued herself.

“What youre saying is that I should deal with her alone and leave the Lian family out of it” asked Han Zhuoling.

Lian Shitaos face was burning.

Even though Han Zhuoling was just asking for a confirmation, he still felt that he was being mocked as he did not care about his own daughter because of the interests of the family.

“I believe that you guys are not unreasonable people.

If she really did something that crossed the line, I cant protect her,” said Lian Shitao.

“And she does not care about the Lian Familys interests at all.”

Lian Shitao said with great difficulty, “When I was outside, I had already reminded her that if she continued pestering you, you would take action on the Lian family, but she did not care.”

Since he had already let it all out, Lian Shitao did not want to hide anything anymore.

“She also said that once shes together with you, I shouldnt go and beg her to close the distance between the Lian family and the Han Family.”

“Let her dream on!” Lin Liye said angrily.

“I know that shes just dreaming, or else I wont tell you all these,” said Lian Shitao.

“Im telling you this because I believe in Young Master Lings character, that he wont do anything that goes overboard to Lian Qingyin.

She did something wrong, so she deserves a suitable punishment, but nothing more.”

Lian Shitao stared at Han Zhuoling, hoping to get his guarantee.

Han Zhuoling said, “I wont go easy on her.”

Lian Shitao froze.

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