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Yet, in the end, Lu Man would still ask him for money, making him lose 10 million yuan and this made his heart ache in pain.

But if it could make Lu Man listen to him obediently, it was worth it!

At that moment, he wanted this unfilial daughter of his to know who was the one with the power!

As for the disrespect Lu Man had towards him in the past, he wanted Lu Man to pay!

“So this is your goal!” Xia Qingwei was so livid that she started to laugh loudly, her eyes full of deep contempt.

How could there be such a disgusting person like Lu Qiyuan!

Actually, Xia Qingwei still did not know something that Lu Qiyuan had planned.

At the same time as they had locked Lu Man in, Lu Qi was rushing towards the “Greedy Wolf Operation” set.

Although Lu Qi felt that it was tough and she would earn very little, yesterday when she went back home and thought about it, she felt that she should not listen to Lu Man.

What if Lu Man was just saying it to scare her

Hence determined, Lu Qi still went to the set.

At that time, since Lu Man would not be there and the crew would not have any other replacement, they would have to give her the role.

So what if she did not know martial arts

She did not believe that Lu Man really knew martial arts, she was definitely lying to her!

Actually, it was an opportunity to star in Director Sun Yiwus movie, let alone the third female lead and the 50,000 yuan pay, even if she had to act for free, she would gladly accept it.

“Lu Qiyuan, its alright that you dont treat Lu Man as your daughter.

But if you ruin her future, I refuse to live under the same sky as you!” Xia Qingweis eyes were full of blood and through the door crack, she roared at Lu Qiyuan.

Right now, Xia Qingwei was apoplectic and full of hatred.

She even regretted that she had been blind to fall for this kind of b*stard back then!

Otherwise, her daughter would definitely not be suffering so much!

“You can bully me, but you cant bully my daughter!” Xia Qingwei yelled furiously.

Xia Qingyang gave a sneer of disdain.

“You only know how to shout, you cant do anything but threaten.

We have locked you, mother and daughter duo, here and wont let you out.

What can you do”

“We can take you two and make a trip to the police station,” Suddenly, a deep and stern male voice rang out from behind Lu Qiyuan and Xia Qingyang.

The two of them were shocked and turned their head back to see a few men who were wearing a police uniform.

The man in the front was very young but had a terrifying aura, it was Mo Jingcheng!

“We are arresting you with the crime of illegal imprisonment.” Mo Jingcheng waved his hand, “Take them away!”

“Its a misunderstanding! All of this is a misunderstanding!” Lu Qiyuan hurriedly said.

Whereas, Xia Qingyang hid behind Lu Qiyuan, her face turning white.

When did Xia Qingwei call the police

This was not right!

Even if she called the police, the police could not come here that fast!

“Yes, police officer, this is all a misunderstanding! We know each other,” Xia Qingyang hurriedly explained, “Inside the house is my elder sister and my step-daughter.”

“Yes, its my ex-wife and daughter inside,” Lu Qiyuan also hurriedly tried to explain.

What was this, it was really messy!

Mo Jingcheng already knew the relationship between Lu Man and the Lu Family, but the subordinates under him did not know, hence when they heard it, they felt that Lu Family was too messy.

But very quickly, they figured out the relationship between the people there.

Instantly, they all looked at Lu Qiyuan and Xia Qingyang with despise.

Wasnt Lu Qiyuan having an affair with his own sister-in-law

Yet he still had the face to tell this so openly

If it were them, they would not have said anything and would have lived low-key lives.

This was really shameless!

“Were just joking with them,” Xia Qingyang laughed in a low voice, “What crime of illegal imprisonment, its not… not that serious, it really not that serious!”

“Yes!” Lu Qiyuan turned to talk to Xia Qingwei, “Qingwei, dont you agree We are just joking around.”

Just as Lu Man was about to open her mouth and expose their lie, she was pulled back by Xia Qingwei.


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