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Chapter 2645: Its Not Really Trouble

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She was so arrogant, saying that even if the security officers came, they would not dare to touch her.

She wanted to see whether Shi Xiaoya was really as arrogant as she made herself sound like!

Dont get slapped in the face because of that!

Hence, Lian Qingyin really called the security officers over.

She definitely had to chase Shi Xiaoya away before Wu Mosen finished interviewing the last makeup artist.

She definitely could not give Shi Xiaoya the chance to meet Wu Mosen!

Not long after, the security officers came over.

Lian Qingyin did not tell them why she wanted them to come, she just told them to bring more men over.

So six security officers came at once.

Xiao Yu had been waiting in the car at first, then he suddenly saw six security officers going in in a single file.

This made Xiao Yu worried.

He was afraid that it might be related to Shi Xiaoya, so he followed them in.

He was thinking, it would be best if it was not related to Shi Xiaoya.

But if it really was related to Shi Xiaoya, he could be of help too.

One can never be too careful.

The accident on the road today had really shocked Xiao Yu.

He definitely had to protect Shi Xiaoya well, or else he would not be able to be accountable to Han Zhuoling.

When Guo Yujie saw that Xiao Yu also came, she instantly heaved a sigh of relief.

No matter what, with a man bolstering their presence over here, it would make them feel a little more assured.

Seeing that Shi Xiaoya looked like she was facing off Lian Qingyin, Xiao Yu quickly hurried over.

“Miss Shi, are you facing some trouble” Xiao Yu asked.

“Its not really trouble.” Shi Xiaoya finally stood up.

Lian Qingyin was seen pointing at Shi Xiaoya and saying, “This person here is making a scene and disrupting our work.

Chase her out!”

Xiao Yu frowned and immediately stood in front of Shi Xiaoya to protect her.

Luckily, the security officers indeed recognized Shi Xiaoya.

“This…” the security officers said uncomfortably.

“Miss Shi, this…”

Lian Qingyins expression changed.

These security officers indeed recognized Shi Xiaoya and did not dare to touch her!

Instantly, she recalled that all of this was because of Han Zhuoling!

The reason why Shi Xiaoya could be so arrogant was all because of Han Zhuoling!

“Its nothing much.

Its because I came late and missed my interview time slot, so I wanted to stay here and wait for Director Wu to see if he can give me another chance.

This Miss Lian just refused for some reason and insists on chasing me away,” Shi Xiaoya briefly explained.

“I think, no matter what, you should just let me meet Director Wu and hear what Director Wu has to say.

If Miss Lian makes decisions on Director Wus behalf like this, it wont be very appropriate, right” Shi Xiaoya said mockingly.

Lian Qingyins expression was extremely ugly.

“I am the representative of this films main sponsor, Men Xue Films.

I still have the right to reject a mere makeup artist.

It is very appropriate for me to be making this decision!”

Guo Yujie frowned beside Shi Xiaoya.

Who exactly was this Lian Qingyin Why did she keep picking on Shi Xiaoya

But this was not a good time to ask, so she could only hold it in.

“Why are you all still standing there Quick, chase her out!” Lian Qingyin shouted at the security officers.

The six security officers exchanged glances, but they all knew that Shi Xiaoya was Han Zhuolings fiancée.

Given the Han Corporations standing in the entertainment industry, even if Wu Mosen was standing right here, he would still have to be polite as well.

So, there was really no one who dared to move.

“Is this how you guys do your job as security officers You dont even dare to maintain basic order now” Lian Qingyin questioned furiously.

Xiao Yu said coldly, “We didnt disrupt any order.

Miss Shi is just waiting over here and didnt disturb anyone.

How is that disruptive”

“What right do you have to talk!” Lian Qingyin said scornfully..

It was clear that she was utterly disdainful of Xiao Yu.

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