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Chapter 2646: Unfair

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Xiao Yu did not get angry.

He just smiled plainly and said, “I am here to protect Miss Shi on Young Master Lings orders.

No matter when, I have to secure Miss Shis surroundings and must never let her get bullied by other people.”

Lian Qingyin found his words ridiculous.

Could Shi Xiaoya get bullied

In all this time, Shi Xiaoyas arrogance had never diminished.

Even after a bunch of security officers came, Shi Xiaoya did not even get scared.

Given her demeanor, could she get bullied

“Whats going on here Why is there such a ruckus” Wu Mosens voice sounded.

Everyone looked over.

It turned out that Wu Mosen had already finished interviewing the last makeup artist and was walking out together with that makeup artist and the screenwriter.

Yet he saw such a rowdy scene on the corridor outside.

Lian Qingyin was afraid that Shi Xiaoya would speak, so she quickly spoke before Shi Xiaoya could.

“Director Wu, one makeup artist came late and missed her interview slot, but shes refusing to leave and insisting on staying here.”

Wu Mosen frowned slightly and heard Lian Qingyin say, “At first, its nothing big.

As she said, because she wasnt here, all the makeup artists scheduled behind her slot got their timings pushed forward, so when the interviews end, we could still leave 15 minutes out for her to come for her interview.

It wont delay anything.

“But I feel that even though she was only coming for an interview to receive a chance to join the production crew, she even came late.

This shows that, actually, she does not cherish the opportunity this time around and this opportunity is not important to her at all.

She doesnt even treat it with importance.

“There were so many makeup artists.

Which of them didnt come early and treat the interview this time with so much care and importance There were even many people who came an hour earlier.

And Shi Xiaoya She actually came half an hour late.

This already showed that she does not cherish this opportunity.

If everyone was like her, coming late and wanting to make up for it with another chance, then other people would also learn from her.

Wouldnt everything be in a mess like this Anyway, they didnt waste anyones time.

They were just shifting their interview time back.

“Then in this case, whats the point of setting a scheduled time that we agreed on earlier Shi Xiaoya could just say and do whatever she wanted to,” Lian Qingyin said.

“If we can make an exception for her, we will have to do the same for others as well.

For the other makeup artists who abided by the rules and came punctually, even coming way earlier to wait, this would be very unfair.

“They all came to compete fairly.

Why should we make an exception just for her” Lian Qingyin said with a hint of agitation in her voice.

Indeed, the last makeup artist who went in for the interview also looked a little upset and indignant.

When Lian Qingyin saw that, she quickly added fuel to the fire and said, “Shi Xiaoya just wanted to rely on the fact that her fiancé is Han Zhuoling, so she thinks she has special rights and is one class above other people.

She thinks she can do whatever she wants and acts unscrupulously.

She even treats this interview like a mere formality she has to go through, having long thought that the position she is competing for belonged to her already.

Thats why she does not care about it at all.

“I think she even thought of which lead character she wants to do makeup for long ago, so she came without preparing anything at all,” Lian Qingyin said.

“I came prepared,” Shi Xiaoya said plainly.

“I have been preparing for very long.”

Shi Xiaoya asked her coldly, “If youre done talking, can you let me say a few words”

“Hmph! What else do you have to say! Youre just finding excuses for yourself!” Lian Qingyin glanced at Wu Mosen before saying to Shi Xiaoya, “Stop wasting our time..

We still have a lot of work to do.”

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