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Chapter 2670: Han Zhuoling Is Also Very Angry

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“I think you are the bold one, slandering someone the moment you open your mouth to talk!” Guo Yujie said angrily.

“I know you are afraid that I will worry,” Han Zhuoling said to Shi Xiaoya, ignoring Lian Qingyin.

“But I have to take a look and know.

Even if you dont let me look now, I will still be able to see it later on.”

Guo Yujie said mockingly, “Xiaoya, lets put aside not letting Young Master Ling see.

Since Miss Lian put it this way, let her have a good and clear look at it.”

“Okay.” Shi Xiaoya did not care about what Lian Qingyin said, but since Han Zhuoling insisted on seeing it, Shi Xiaoya could only agree.

Previously, when Wu Mosen and Writer Hu heard from Shi Xiaoya that her car got very badly damaged, to be honest, they were a little curious whether or not it was as serious as Shi Xiaoya had made it sound.

Wu Mosen naturally would not say that it was out of curiosity.

He would just say that he heard Shi Xiaoya mention it previously, so he was very worried and that was why he suggested going to take a look.

Lian Qingyin did not expect that Shi Xiaoya would really dare to agree.

So she felt a little guilty now.

She wanted to leave secretly, but Han Zhuoling saw her from his peripheral vision and said coldly, “Miss Lian.”

It was rare for Han Zhuoling to take the intiative to talk to her, but this kind of attention was something that Lian Qingyin did not want at all at this moment.

She stood stiffly, and Han Zhuoling said sarcastically, “Since Miss Lian suspects my fiancée so much, why dont you come and take a look at exactly how badly her car had been damaged”

Guo Yujie reacted quickly and immediately dragged Xiao Yu to go over to Lian Qingyins side.

The two of them flanked Lian Qingyin on both sides, making her unable to run away secretly.

Everyone had not walked for long before they saw the spot where Shi Xiaoyas car was parked.

When Wu Mosen and Writer Hu saw it, they both gasped.

“Xiaoya, you came all the way here in this car” Wu Mosen was dumbstruck just from looking at it.

There was no spot on the car in front of them that was still in a good condition.

There were dents on all sides of the car.

Shi Xiaoya saw that Han Zhuolings expression looked really ghastly.

She quickly hugged his elbow and explained, “Although the car looks so severely damaged that its scary, actually, the interior isnt damaged at all.

It didnt affect the driving function at all.”

“No…” Writer Hu had also been stunned that he did not speak for quite a long while.

“Although you can still drive it, coming all the way here in this would have still…”

Earned you quite a few stares, right

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“Because the car is fine, we just drove straight here.

I didnt want to waste time waiting for another car and switching to it,” Shi Xiaoya said.

Guo Yujie said coldly, “This is what Miss Lian talked about when she said that our Xiaoya lied.

Didnt Miss Lian say previously that it was just a minor accident, a minor scratch Could your minor scratch damage a car to this extent! You even said just now that its because Xiaoya is guilty that she doesnt dare to let other people take a look.

Xiaoya indeed doesnt dare to let other people take a look.

Because this car had been damaged way too severely, she did not dare to let other people take a look! Its not because of the so-called guilty conscience that you talked about!”

Shi Xiaoya saw Han Zhuolings expression turning increasingly awful and quietly prayed in her heart for Guo Yujie to stop talking.

She was talking about Lian Qingyin right now.

But Han Zhuoling was also angry.

She would be the one getting scolded after that.

Han Zhuoling took in a deep breath, his body stiffening all over.

He turned and said to Wu Mosen and the others, “My apologies, we agreed to have dinner with everyone just now.

But I didnt know earlier that this car accident was actually so severe.

I am really worried, so Ill have to take Xiaoya to the hospital for a checkup first.”

Seeing that the car had been damaged to this extent, Wu Mosen and the others felt chills down their spine just from looking at it.

They did not expect before that it was so serious either.

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