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Chapter 2682: Im Worried That It Will Scare You

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She kept on burying herself into his embrace without realizing.

The softness was sticking to him closely.

Han Zhuolings self-control crumbled.

At first, he wanted to take it slow as he did not want his own emotions to hurt her or scare her.

But Shi Xiaoya taking the initiative to be close to him made Han Zhuoling lose his self-control.

“Im worried that it will scare you,” he said.

“Wh…” Her lips was already covered by Han Zhuoling before the rest of the word could leave her mouth.

In the end, she finally knew why Han Zhuoling said that he was worried that it would scare her.

Usually, she would not be able to hold out for a long time in his embrace.

Today, she was even more defeated.

She was already fainting in less than half of the usual time she could hold out.

Her legs and arms had no strength, and her legs were shaking vigorously.

Her whole body was shivering.

But Han Zhuoling did not seem to want to stop.

It was like there was no end.

Shi Xiaoya vaguely knew that he was affected by what had happened today.

Shi Xiaoya mumbled, “I dont have any strength left…”

Han Zhuoling heard this and hugged her tightly as he kissed her lips.

This time, she even tasted the salty taste of sweat.

Han Zhuoling finally let her go.

However, after a long time of having her legs curled up in one position, when she relaxed, it felt like she was cramping and it was agonizing.

Shi Xiaoya made a noise of pain.

Han Zhuoling asked hurriedly, “Why Where does it hurt”

“My legs hurt.

They were curled up for too long,” said Shi Xiaoya.

Han Zhuoling knew immediately where it was hurting and helped massaged her immediately.

After a while, it did not hurt that much.

But Han Zhuoling still hugged Shi Xiaoya tightly, not letting her go.

Even if the air conditioner was turned on, after exercising like this, the sweat on the body was still sticky.

Shi Xiaoya nudged him gently.

“Were so sweaty.

Isnt it sticky”

Han Zhuoling would not let go.

“I want to hug you like this.”

Shi Xiaoya kept quiet.

After a short while, the sweat on their bodies was soon dried by the air conditioner, and it felt smooth again.

Shi Xiaoya did not have the strength to shower.

Han Zhuoling did not have any intention of moving, so Shi Xiaoya did not move as well.

She placed her face on his chest.

Han Zhuoling lowered his head and looked at her calm and beautiful side profile as he thought about the time when they first met.

“Remember when we first met” Han Zhuoling asked quietly.

Han Zhuolings voice was still a little hoarse.

He could not sleep now and did not want to sleep.

Shi Xiaoya thought in her heart that it was impossible for her to forget, so of course she remembered.

“Remember Of course I remember,” said Shi Xiaoya.

“But during that time, I didnt think that we would get together and be so intimate.”

During that time, she was so afraid of him.

She was nervous when she saw him, let alone when she approached him.

But now, she was in his arms, never leaving.

She would even become like a female tiger for him.

She was willing to show her claws.

When she first met him, people would say that they would be together.

People would say that they looked good together.

Whenever people said these kinds of things, Shi Xiaoya would think that they were out of their minds.

But now, she felt that she was being too stupid because she did not dare to approach him last time.

This was such a good man.

She only regretted that she was too late to meet him and discover how good he was.

Or else, she would have been even happier.

Why would such a good man be with her

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