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Chapter 2701: Show Off

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When Old Mrs.

Han saw them, Han Zhuoling and Shi Xiaoya were already right outside the door and had just pressed the doorbell.

Auntie Sun opened the door.

Han Zhuoling did not expect Old Mrs.

Han to be at the door too.

He greeted, “Grandma.”

“Why are you guys back at this time” asked Old Mrs.

Han, confused.

After Han Zhuoling and Shi Xiaoya changed out of their shoes, they saw that there was nobody in the living room.

Han Zhuoling asked, “Wheres Grandpa”

“Idling in the back courtyard,” said Old Mrs.


“Just a while back, we had people redesign the garden in there.

Now its fresh.

We just had a ditch dug and had them create a little man-made waterfall.

The water flows from the waterfall.

He saw that everything was fresh these last couple of days, so he has been sunbathing outside every day, saying that hes cooling down by the water.”

Old Mrs.

Han laughed at him.

What could be more cooling than the air conditioner in the house during a hot summer

He was drenched in sweat every day because of the sun, and he still insisted on sitting by the stream of water.

He even planted beside the stream.

Recently, the old man had been busy.

“Ill call Sir,” Auntie Sun said and went towards the back courtyard.

Old Mrs.

Han brought Han Zhuoling and Shi Xiaoya in, smiling as she said, “When you see your grandpa, you will freak out for sure.

That old man is very tanned now.”

This was the result of sunbathing outside every day.

And he did not like to apply sunscreen.

But was that UV light a good thing

He was forcefully sprayed sunscreen by Old Mrs.

Han before he went out every time.

Even so, he had become darker.

Han Zhuoling and Shi Xiaoya followed Old Mrs.

Han to the living room.

Old Mr.

Han was also back.

Shi Xiaoya took a glance.

It was indeed as Old Mrs.

Han had said.

Old Mr.

Han was very tanned.

And it was at the most awkward stage.

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It was a yellowish black color.


Why are you two here at this time” asked Old Mr.

Han, confused.

When it came to the two elders, Han Zhuoling did not feel that much pressure.

He took out the marriage certificates, as if offering a gift, and said, “Grandpa, Grandma, I went to get our marriage certificates with Xiaoya.

We went today in the morning and have just gotten them.”

Old Mrs.

Han did not expect that the reason the two skipped work and came today was because of such a big thing!

Since it was her grandson marrying her granddaughter-in-law, Old Mrs.

Han did not mind the fact that Han Zhuoling did not inform beforehand.

Old Mrs.

Han took the marriage certificates with a wide smile.

“Give me one to see,” said Old Mr.

Han to Old Mrs.


Old Mrs.

Han finally gave one to Old Mr.


The two elders sat on the sofa and started looking at them with a pleased look.

They even forgot to let Han Zhuoling and Shi Xiaoya sit down.

But the two did not mind.

They just sat at the side.

Shi Xiaoya watched and suddenly felt that the dumb look Han Zhuoling had when he was looking at the marriage certificates looked like what the two elders had right now.

Old Mrs.

Han took out her phone and placed the marriage certificate on the tea table.

She said to Old Mr.

Han, “Put the one in your hand here too.”

Old Mr.

Han did not know why, but he still obeyed and placed the marriage certificate there.

With the two marriage certificates placed together, Old Mrs.

Han adjusted the angle and took a picture.

Han Zhuoling knew with one look that Old Mrs.

Han was planning to brag to others.

Then he reminded her, “Grandma, I havent told Mom and Dad yet.

I told you first.”

Old Mrs.

Han understood.

“Then hurry up..

Call your parents and tell them.”

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