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Chapter 2715: As Though You Have Seen It with Your Own Eyes

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She said, “Didnt Han Zhuolings ex-wife Xia Yixin say it herself That way before Xia Yixin and Han Zhuoling divorced, Shi Xiaoya had already seduced Han Zhuoling But during that time, Han Zhuoling broke the news of Xia Yixin getting pregnant with someone elses child, so everyone thought that Shi Xiaoya was innocent.”

Shi Xiaoya pouted.

This Lu Youlin was bold enough to talk bad about others, but she was not bold enough to talk about Han Zhuoling; she only talked about Shi Xiaoya.

If she was so good, then she should talk about Han Zhuoling too.

Shi Xiaoya thought about it and laughed at her own silent complaint.

Luo Qingxian followed with, “During that time, Han Zhuoling was quick to blame everything on Xia Yixin.

Besides, Xia Yixins fault was greater.

And Lu Man was handling public relations, so it was normal that Xia Yixin could not win.

Before she could even expose any evidence about Han Zhuoling and Shi Xiaoya, she was put in jail.”

Huo Dongsen said, “Your descriptions are so vivid.

Its as though you have seen it with your own eyes.”

Wu Erjia had always been close with Huo Dongsen, and he said, “Yes.

Its very possible that this is just like last time, for the purpose of slandering someone.

Xiaoya was our classmate for so many years; her character can be trusted.”

Shen Mujing said, “Do you think that Shi Xiaoya wont do this because shes from the Shi family To be honest, among the students of Jixia Academy, whose family background isnt good But were talking about Han Zhuoling; so what if our family backgrounds are good”

Yuan Ailin said, “I understand what Mujing means.

Compared to the Han Family, were like ordinary people.

Since there was an opportunity, even Shi Xiaoya wont have missed it.”

Huo Dongsen raised his eyebrows, saying, “So if it was you guys, you would do that”

Huo Dongsen did not use the word “also,” meaning that he believed that Shi Xiaoya did not have anything to do with Han Zhuoling while Han Zhuoling was married.

Its true that he and Shi Xiaoya were not meant to be.

Because of his own considerations in the past, he did not officially confirm his relationship with Shi Xiaoya.

Now that he wanted to confirm it, Shi Xiaoya had already moved on.

Right, it had been such a long time after all.

As there had been no words or promises, who would stay and wait for someone

If his competitor was someone else, he had the confidence to fight.

But his competitor was Han Zhuoling, so he could not even think of fighting.

However, Shi Xiaoya was a girl that he liked after all.

At least he could trust Shi Xiaoyas character.

He believed that Shi Xiaoya would never be like what the news said she was.

Or else, he would never have liked Shi Xiaoya.

He liked her not only because she was beautiful but also because of her good personality and character, which made her different from Luo Qingxian and the others.

But he had not liked her enough.

However, he could like Shi Xiaoya and not others, so he trusted in the girl that he liked before.

Shi Xiaoya did not expect Huo Dongsen to speak up for her.

Han Zhuoling noticed Shi Xiaoyas side and turned his head to look at her phone, asking, “What is it”

Coincidentally, he saw the chat in her class group.

He also saw Huo Dongsen speaking up for her.

Shi Xiaoya did not hide it and passed the phone for Han Zhuoling to see.

“I didnt expect Huo Dongsen to speak up for me,” said Shi Xiaoya..

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