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Chapter 2721: The Best Shelter

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“I hacked his computer and found some chat history.

I will send it to you later,” Wei Wucai said.


“Also, we found more information on the two people who hit Xiaoya with their cars,” Wei Wucai said.

“We just found it.”

Han Zhuoling gripped his phone even more tightly.

It was obvious that he cared more about this.

“Whats up with those two” Han Zhuoling asked.

Wei Wucais voice sounded through the phone.

“We found out that those two do business with Black Market.

This Black Market plays the role of the middleman.

Its is registered in a foreign country, and the server is based in a foreign country as well.”

Black Market took advantage of this loophole, making it very hard for the government to control.

“A client gives an order to Black Market, and someone accepts the work from Black Market.

There are many kinds of requests, ranging from thesis writing, engineering projects, killing, hurting, and teaching someone a lesson.

However, jobs such as killing someone were considered a job with the highest risk.

Black Market offers an online job board that is only accessible to SVIP.

A client can only post a request on this job board if they had consistently paid enough money for over three years.”

Obviously, each payment was already expensive.

The total amount of money paid for three years would be considered astronomical.

After all, this was a life-threatening matter.

This was basically the price for a life.

Desperate criminals would accept jobs from this board and fund their deadly journey.

Of course, a price must be paid to accept a job from this board.

To earn money, Black Market had no concern for humanity.

Wei Wucai explained to Han Zhuoling, “Those two had accepted the job of faking a car accident through the job board.

However, it was not a request for murder.

It was just a job to wound someone, so this job was not in the category of highest risk.”

“Black Market could be considered the best shelter for those criminals.

Whether it be a buyer hiring someone to kill or wound another person or a criminal who had accepted a job, Black Market kept their identity safe.

None would know the identity of the other party.

“Moreover, the client could even offer extra money to request additional protection.

If the person who completed the job got caught by the police, Black Market would give some benefits and have the person who accepted the job take full responsibility and keep Black Market a secret.

“Because the client and the person who accepts the job have no idea of each others identity, it is guaranteed that the person who accepts the job would not be able to give the clients identity.

However, they could still confess about the existence of Black Market.

“And so, Black Market has to use different methods to ensure that their existence remains a secret.

If a person really talked about their existence, they could kill them either in jail or outside of jail,” Wei Wucai said.

“Black Market is powerful and they have been working underground.

They have never intended to do things openly.” And so, Black Market was not considered a threat by the Wen Family.

It was unknown as to whether the Wen Family had intentionally avoided any interactions with Black Market.

“The existence of Black Market could be considered a platform.

Whether it be the person that accepts the job or the employer that posts the request, both manage things through Black Market.

Both gave Black Market enough money.

Simultaneously, the starting price is given by the buyer, and anyone who finds the price suitable could accept the job.

“The client that posts the job would not have to search everywhere for someone to complete the task for them.

They would not have to ask around for a suitable candidate and they would not have to worry about being implicated if the person failed to complete the job..”

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