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Chapter 2722: As Weak as Paper

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“Everything is handled by Black Market.

As the middleman, Black Market will not disclose the identities of the two parties.

The person who takes on the task can earn money using this way without worrying about the person who gives out the task finding out their identity.

Theres no need to worry about being exposed.

“And Black Market does not hire these people.

The existence of Black Market is solely a platform for the two parties to give out tasks and receive tasks.

Black Market is in charge of protecting the privacy of their members, ensuring that there will not be any leaks,” said Wei Wucai.

“We searched those two people and found their browser history from their phone.” Although the two had cleared their history, Wei Wucai had a way to restore it.

“From their history, we found Black Market and found out that they took a task to cause Shi Xiaoyas car accident.”

“What about the person who gave out the task” asked Han Zhuoling softly.

Wei Wucai paused and said, “We found it too.

Its Lian Qingyin.

She gave the task through Black Market.

Once someone took the task, it would go into a frozen state.

After the task is completed, the tasks reward money would be automatically transferred into the task receivers account, and the task would be deleted from Black Market.

“If the person failed, the client could either keep the task posted and wait for the next person to take it or cancel the task, which would result in the reward money being automatically refunded into the clients account through Black Markets system.”

Wei Wucai smiled.

“Black Markets mechanism is a bit like online shopping.

The only different thing is that the tasks released through Black Market cannot be withdrawn.

Whenever a task is released, the system will rate it.

The task will be scanned for its difficulty based on the systems data.

“Then it is given a level based on the diffuculty of the task.

Every level has a minimum price.

If the actual price given is lower than the amount that the system came up with, the task will not be able to be released.”

Han Zhuoling sneered.

“Even such an inhumane platform can be so perfect.”

“This Black Markets business has always been good.

Every time a task is posted, it will have a releasing fee based on the level of the task.

Black Market earns this amount.” It sounded simple, but the amount necessary to release a task was not small.

This decided Black Markets target customer; it was a group for rich people.

“I am guessing that the failure of the two people scared Lian Qingyin.

Shes afraid that she would be found out, so she withdrew and the money was refunded.

When I hacked into Black Market, the system had not deleted the task she released in time and it was stopped by me, so I took a screenshot of the task.”

Black Markets system was not bad, so it was no wonder why they had the confidence to create a platform like this.

However, compared to Wei Wucai and Yuan Jiangyi, it was not enough.

Yuan Jiangyi was the top hacker internationally.

Nobody knew that the hacker was actually someone from the Mount Lan Compound.

Wei Wucai had not been sure about Black Markets system.

To be safe, he had dragged Yuan Jiangyi with him.

As expected, Black Market had been pretty hard to penetrate.

But with Yuan Jiangyi, it was no big deal.

All of a sudden, Black Markets system became as weak as paper.

Han Zhuoling nodded.

“Thanks a lot.

I need to think about what to do..”

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