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Chapter 2733: Call the Police

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“And we also have the right to kick down your door and capture you.

We give you five seconds to think about it.

Do you want to cooperate with us or do you want us to capture you for obstruction”

Lian Qingyin tried to think of something rapidly, and she shouted, “Which policemen would come at midnight to ask someone to help with a case You dare to impersonate policemen, this is a huge crime! I tell you, if you dont leave, I will call the police!”

The two policemen outside were unsure whether Lian Qingyin was dragging things out or really suspicious of them.

However, she was a single woman living by herself, and her door bell rang at midnight, so it was reasonable for her to be more alert.

So one of the policemen said, “Alright, you can call the police.”

Lian Qingyin heard this and could confirm that they really were the police.

She did not know why they came to her and what they wanted to do.

She hoped that it was not because of Shi Xiaoyas car accident.

To avoid being suspected by them, Lian Qingyin still chose to call the police.

This way, she would also have a safeguard.

What if the two people outside really were fake policemen

After a few minutes, the police came.

Lian Qingyin opened the door.


The two of them came knocking on my door at midnight, saying that they wanted to bring me to the station.

I was afraid that they were fake policemen, so I didnt believe them.”

The police who came nodded.

“Its good to be alert like this.”

But the two people were really the police.

So after they confirmed their identities, Lian Qingyin could no longer delay any further and followed the two policemen.

At home, Han Zhuoling received a phone call.

“Young Master Ling, Lian Qingyin has entered the police station.” The one who called was Tong Chunian.

“Alright,” said Han Zhuoling.

“After another three hours…”

Han Zhuoling looked at the time now.

It was already 2 AM.

After another three hours, it would be dawn.

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“Let Black Market know that Lian Qingyin has been taken to the police station and is being investigated,” said Han Zhuoling.

“Let them know that Lian Qingyin is taken in for causing the car accident.”

“Alright,” answered Tong Chunian.

“Then, watch Lian Qingyin.

You must watch her carefully and see if theres anyone who approaches her or threatens her.

Dont pay attention to outsiders.

Pay attention to every single person who may appear in front of Lian Qingyin.”

Han Zhuoling paused and said, “Including anybody at the police station.”

“Including the police” asked Tong Chunian straight away.

“Yes, including the police,” said Han Zhuoling.

According to what Wei Wucai said, if Black Market really had so much power, they must have penetrated every corner.

Han Zhuoling had thought about the two men who crashed their cars into Shi Xiaoyas car.

They had been taken to the police station and had not come out.

How did Black Market contact them and when did they promise them benefits to make sure they would take the blame for everything

Following the time, the two men had been in the police station the whole time.

How did Black Market do it

Especially when the two men were locked up alone.

Other than the police and the lawyers, nobody could come near them.

Han Zhuoling thought that either it was the lawyer hired by Black Market who passed Black Markets message to them…

Or there were also people from Black Market in the police station.

But Han Zhuoling hoped that it was the lawyer.

If it was the latter, it would be terrifying.

Besides, the possibility of it being the lawyer was also huge.

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