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Chapter 2737: Either Me or Him

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“But I can tell people who are working in the same line of work.

I have some popularity in this line of work.

I want to see if you can still find a decent lawyer in the future!”

Lian Qingyin knew that Lawyer Wang was capable.

Or else, she would not have asked Lawyer Wang to come.

After all, this was not a small matter.

If her identity was exposed, an ordinary lawyer would be useless.

Lian Qingyin knew how tricky this was, so naturally, she would not just simply find any lawyer.

She could ask Lawyer Wang to come because she had put in a lot of effort and was not holding back with the lawyer fee.

If Lawyer Wang were to quit now, she would make ducks and drakes of the lawyer fee.

She did not think that Lawyer Wang would refund it.

Not to mention the connections that Lawyer Wang had in this line of work.

Lian Qingyin pondered and said, “Nobody is replacing anyone.

Lawyer Wang, you can partner up with Lawyer Hu…”

It was a good idea; she was not lacking money anyway.

With two lawyers together, she would be more confident as well.

Lawyer Wang sneered.


Either its me or its him.

You want me to work together with a nameless lawyer on such a small case If this gets out, it will ruin my reputation.”

Lawyer Wang was forcing Lian Qingyin to choose only one.

Lian Qingyin thought for a while and saw that it was impossible to negotiate with Lawyer Wang.

She secretly hated Lawyer Hu for appearing and messing things up.

If she had to choose, she would rather choose Lawyer Wang.

After all, Lawyer Wang represented her, but Lawyer Hu only cared about Black Market.

Obviously, Lian Qingyin would choose the person who would fight for her interests wholeheartedly.

As for who she was choosing, did it still need to be discussed

“Sorry, Lawyer Hu, I have decided to let Lawyer Wang be my lawyer,” said Lian Qingyin.

“After all, youre representing Black Market; how can I trust you What if you betray me for Black Market”

Lawyer Hu smiled.

“As long as you dont speak of Black Market, why would I betray you Besides, if youre fine and Black Market is fine, then I would definitely bail you out.”

It sounded reasonable.

However, Lian Qingyin still could not trust him.

He was not her people, after all.

It was still alright if nothing happened, but if something really happened, he would definitely stand on Black Markets side.

“I still choose Lawyer Wang.” After hearing what Lawyer Hu said, Lian Qingyin was even more certain of her choice.

What Lawyer Hu said clearly revealed that he put Black Market first.

“You just have to pass a message back to Black Market.

Tell them to relax.

I will definitely not give them away.

“I have heard of rumors regarding Black Market,” said Lian Qingyin.

“I dont want to offend them either.

I can think of the consequence of offending them, so I will definitely not give them away.”

Lawyer Hu stared at Lian Qingyin.

It was uncertain how much he believed her words.

He was able to see Lian Qingyin as he was a lawyer, or else he would not have been able to even enter.

Now, Lian Qingyin only wanted to let Lawyer Wang stay, and Lawyer Wang clearly did not want to collaborate with Lawyer Hu.

So Lawyer Hu could only leave.

The three of them were whispering and nothing could be heard.

Han Zhuoling could only watch the screen.

However, seeing that Lawyer Hu left the interrogation room in the end, Han Zhuoling smiled.

Shi Xiaoya was still half-awake, so she did not notice Han Zhuolings expression.

Tong Chunian came out of the interrogation room and said to Han Zhuoling, “Young Master Ling, everything is going smoothly.

Lian Qingyin still chose Lawyer Wang in the end..”

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