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Chapter 2769: Never in Her Life Would She Have Thought

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After he reached the side of Lian Qingyins car, he did not check whether she was alive or dead.

He just took out a lighter from his pocket.

The lit lighter was simply thrown into the car through the window.

When the man finished throwing it, he immediately left.

Lian Qingyins car exploded behind him with a bang.

The man ran to the other side of the crossing and got into a car that had stopped at the side.

The driver in the car left without saying a word.

The man took out his phone.

The contact on the screen was “Black Market.”


Never in her life did Lian Qingyin expect it.

She had caused a car accident for Shi Xiaoya…

And now, she had been dealt with in the same way by Black Market.

Shi Xiaoya did not die in that car accident.

But she died in this one.


Han Zhuoling and Shi Xiaoya woke up naturally, opening their eyes only at ten something in the morning.

Shi Xiaoya felt lazy from sleeping so much.

Although she was already awake, she was still rolling around in bed.

She rolled two times, once to the other side of the bed, then back to Han Zhuolings arms.

She felt lazy and closed her eyes in Han Zhuolings arms.

Han Zhuoling did not rush her.

Instead, he said in a lazy tone, “Want to continue sleeping”

“Nope.” Although Shi Xiaoya said this, she did not open her eyes.

“Just lazing around for a while more.”

She opened her eyes and raised her head in Han Zhuolings arms.

“You dont have work today, right”

“No.” Han Zhuoling lowered his head and kissed Shi Xiaoya, thinking that he was living like a god during the days that he did not need to work and could do nothing together with her.

“Then lets laze around for a while more.” Shi Xiaoya was not tired anymore, but she was just too lazy to get up.

If she was not scared that Han Zhuoling would laugh at her, she would drag Han Zhuoling with her and stay in bed the whole day.

Han Zhuoling saw this and did not rush to get up.

He hugged Shi Xiaoya and rubbed her hair.

He felt that she was furry and was very nice to hug.

It was more comfortable than hugging a small pet like a kitten or a puppy.

Thinking this, Han Zhuoling lowered his head and rubbed it against the top of her head a few times.

The two had decided to laze around like this.

They had nothing to do today anyway.

“Whats that noise” Shi Xiaoyas furry head emerged from his embrace and looked at Han Zhuoling.

Han Zhuoling frowned.

Without turning his body, he extended his arm backward and searched for his phone.

Holding it in his hand, he could still feel the vibration of his phone.

Before sleeping, he had switched it to vibrating mode.

After getting Tong Chunians call at midnight, he was afraid that there might be an urgent situation, so he did not switch it back.

“Who is it” Shi Xiaoyas voice was still hoarse from sleep.

Han Zhuoling glanced at the screen.

“Its Tong Chunian.”

Shi Xiaoya did not react, thinking that Tong Chunian called because of work.

But after pausing for a while, Shi Xiaoya remembered that Tong Chunian had been busy with Lian Qingyin these last two days.

So this call was probably because of Lian Qingyin.

Han Zhuoling took a glance at Shi Xiaoya, and she knew what he meant.

She said immediately, “Pick it up here.

I want to listen too.”

Han Zhuoling picked up the phone and pressed the speaker button.

“Young Master Ling.” As soon as the call connected, Tong Chunians voice came out from the phone immediately.

“Im here,” replied Han Zhuoling.

For the convenience of speaking, Han Zhuoling sat up.

Shi Xiaoya also sat up.

As she sat up, she realized that Han Zhuolings attention was not on the phone but on her..

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