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Chapter 2795: Hidden Deep

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Honestly, even if Jiang Yujie did not come back, Mrs.

Jiang had had enough of the judgemental glances and gossips of those people.

“The two of us are still staying here, but Ive had enough of their words,” said Mrs.


“Since we want to start fresh, then lets move houses.

Well just rent a house outside first, then sell this house through an agency.

After selling it, we can take a look and buy a suitable house.

Lets move somewhere nobody knows us.

We can start fresh.”


Jiangs face was full of hope.


Jiang also pondered, very tempted to agree.

In the past, Jiang Yujie was not willing to leave Lu Qiyuan, so Mr.

Jiang held on and did not leave this place.

He wanted Jiang Yujie to feel uncomfortable inside.

Did she not insist on staying together with Lu Qiyuan

Could she watch her parents being criticized and looked down on by people while feeling justified and at ease being with Lu Qiyuan

But now, Jiang Yujie had already broken up with Lu Qiyuan, so Mr.

Jiang was unwilling to stay here to continue enduring the insulting words and judgemental glances.

“Alright, lets move,” said Mr.


“But we wont use the money that you got from Lu Qiyuan.

We have the money to rent the house.

Once we have sold this house, if we can buy another house, then we will buy it.

If we cant, then we will keep on renting.

In conclusion, we dont want Lu Qiyuans money!”

“I didnt take his money.

Every cent that I have now was earned and saved by myself,” said Jiang Yujie.

Jiang Yujie paused and said, “I didnt get together with him for the money.”


Jiang wanted to say something but Jiang Yujie stopped him and said immediately, “Listen to me first.

“If Id said this before, you might not have believed me, but now, I have fulfilled my goal and I have done everything I can do, so I think I can already tell you,” said Jiang Yujie.

“What is it” asked Mrs.

Jiang hurriedly.

“My older brother was framed,” said Jiang Yujie.

“He was framed by Lu Qiyuan.

When I went to visit my brother before, I asked him whether there was anything fishy.

He only told me about his suspicions about Lu Qiyuan after I asked him a few times.

“You know Big Brothers character; he would never do something wrong like that.

He was framed, and I cant let him stay in jail, suffering for something that he didnt do.”

“You…” Mrs.

Jiang froze.

She did not expect that Jiang Yujie had done it for Jiang Huaizhou.

But for Jiang Huaizhou, she made such a huge sacrifice.

“You did it for Huaizhou” asked Mr.

Jiang, dumbfounded.

“First, I went to Lu Qiyuans company and was successfully hired.

While I was his assistant, I found some clues, but other than that, I didnt acquire anything.

I knew that such an important thing must be hidden deep by him,” said Jiang Yujie.

“However, since its such an important evidence, why did he keep it” Mr.

Jiang did not understand.


Jiang was old, and his experience and knowledge were not as adequate as Jiang Yujies.

After all, Jiang Yujie had experienced many things.

So he could not understand.

Jiang Yujie said, “To frame my brother, how could he do it alone The suspicions that even my brother could think of, how could nobody think of it back then And I have seen the evidence.

There were many loose ends..”

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