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Chapter 2797: Because of Her Selfishness

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She was just worried that they would not be able to keep the secret and would accidentally spill the beans, telling others about Lu Man.

That would not be good.

“Then… then… your brother…” said Mrs.

Jiang, frozen.

“Yes.” Jiang Yujie smiled and choked.

“It must work this time.

My brother is coming out.

Hes going to be free soon.”


Jiangs lips were shaking.

The fact that Jiang Huaizhou could be released and gain his innocence made one feel overjoyed.

However, what Jiang Yujie sacrificed and lost could not be regained.

The time she spent with Lu Qiyuan would be the blemish of her life.

Some people would forget, but there would always be people who remembered.

Those who remembered would remember her intentions.

But there would also be people who remembered this stain, not caring why she did it.

This would follow Jiang Yujie forever.

As long as there were people who remembered, there would be people whod look down on her and attack her using this matter, rubbing salt on her wound.

Jiang Yujie was still so young.

She still had to marry and have children.

But with this thing following her, it would be fine if her other half did not know.

But what if he knew

This would affect her whole life!

Just because of this, Jiang Yujies life was going to end too


Jiang thought even more.


There was a noise suddenly.

Jiang Yujie and Mrs.

Jiang both looked over, surprised.

They saw Mr.

Jiang giving himself a tight slap.


“Old Jiang!”

Jiang Yujie and Mrs.

Jiang called out at the same time.

Half of Mr.

Jiangs face was already swelling.

It was even red.

“Its all because I am useless.

I couldnt help Huaizhou.

I dont have the skills, so Yujie had to choose this way.

As a father, I did not trust my own son and did not even understand Huaizhou like Yujie did.” Mr.

Jiangs eyes were red.

“I am sorry,” Mr.

Jiang said to Mrs.


“For my son, Yujie had to…”


Jiangs eyes were red.

“Back then, I promised you that I would be good to Yujie.”


Jiang shook her head.

“What are you talking about Huaizhou is also my son! Besides, when Huaizhou got into trouble, if you werent worried about Yujie, how would you not have helped Huaizhou with all you have

“If you were all alone or… or Huaizhou was an only child, you would definitely not have cared about other things so much.

Even if you were reduced to poverty and there was no result in the end, you would have given it your all to help him,” said Mrs.


“Its because of us, I know.

You couldnt abandon us just to help Huaizhou,” said Mrs.


When Jiang Huaizhou got into trouble, it was a bottomless pit.

Besides, even lawyers who were convincing could not save him; they could only help Jiang Huaizhou reduce his sentence.

“When I married you, youre not the only one who promised to treat Yujie like your own daughter and to treat her well.

I also promised to treat Huaizhou well as if hes my own son,” said Mrs.

Jiang, crying.

“I am not good enough.

Its me who still had selfishness in the end, being biased towards Yujie.

“So now, Yujie is the one who paid the price.

Back then, if I had made up my mind to help Huaizhou with you wholeheartedly, things wont be like this right now.” Mrs.

Jiang also regretted it.

Because of her selfishness, she could not save Jiang Huaizhou.

Now, it was Jiang Yujie who sacrificed herself to do it..

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