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Chapter 2818: Should I Organize a Press Conference Tomorrow

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‘What Lu Man had to face now was her three-month pregnancy.

Even if Lu Man was stupid, she could remember this day.

It was such a meaningful day.

But someone remembered it even clearer than she did.

That was Han Zhuoli.

Before sleeping last night, when Han Zhuoli lay on the bed, he was full of excitement.

Lu Man felt strange.

She remembered that the next day would be the day she was officially three months pregnant.

However, she did not relate this with Han Zhuolis excitement.

So Lu Man was confused and asked, “Did something good happen Youre overjoyed.”

Han Zhuoli rolled over and pulled Lu Man into his arms while carefully avoiding her stomach.

He was also scared that she would be uncomfortable and out of breath, so he lifted himself up, leaving enough space for her to breathe without pressing into her space.

He was really considerate.

In this kind of careless moment, many people would miss these small details.

But Han Zhuoli always remembered; he had never missed them.

He looked down at the woman in his arms.

Even though she was pregnant, she was still like a girl.

Right, Lu Man was not old after all.

Even if she was going to be a mother, he could not deny the fact that she was still young.

Even now, she still had the face of a little girl.

Her complexion did not worsen because of the pregnancy.

Instead, it improved.

Her skin was smooth and even glowed.

‘When she smiled, her skin looked even fuller.

It looked soft, like a white dessert.

Han Zhuoli kissed it and felt that it was sweet and fragrant, but also like it was a glutinous rice cake.

“Youll be three months pregnant tomorrow, officially three months.” It was as if Han Zhuoli was speaking about something important; he said it solemnly.

Seeing that Lu Man froze, Han Zhuoli asked, “You forgot”

“No, how can I!” Lu Man shook her head vigorously, immediately proving her innocence.

“I remember, but I just didnt expect you to be so happy about this.”

“How can I not be happy” said Han Zhuoli, smiling.

“I kept it in without telling anybody.

When youre three months pregnant tomorrow, I can then announce immediately that we will be a dad and a mom.”

Han Zhuoli was joyful.

Even though he pursed his lips and smiled, it could not stop his pride and joy from being seen.

The way his eyebrows danced, Lu Man was afraid that he would immediately announce it to the public at 12 midnight.

Lu Man thought for a while and decided not to remind him.

Looking at how Han Zhuoli was, he did not seem to think that he could announce it once it was past midnight.

What if he really did that after she said it

He would call everyone, waking people up at midnight.

That would not be too good, right

After that, her soft hands were held by Han Zhuoli.

Han Zhuoli kissed her fingertips, saying, “Although Qian and the others know already, theyre all close to us.

There are still many people who dont know.

How do you think we can show that we value our soon-to-be-born child and look solemn

“It doesnt seem formal enough to announce it online.

It shows that we dont attach enough importance to it and are a little childish.” Han Zhuoli rolled back and lay down, not pressing on Lu Man anymore.

Han Zhuoli held his head on one side while touching his chin with another hand.

“Should I organize a press conference tomorrow”

Lu Man was speechless.

Organize a press conference just to announce her pregnancy

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