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Chapter 2851: Not Worthy

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This had nothing to do with his freedom nor the time he was in prison.

It was because she believed in him.

It was because she could prove that he did not commit a crime and that he was innocent.

It was fine no matter how long it took.

‘When Mr.

Jiang and Mrs.

Jiang did not believe him and had given up on him, only Jiang Yujie had persisted.

It was Jiang Yujie who saved him.

So he could not let Jiang Yujie be hurt by a gaze like this.

While Jiang Huaizhou called out Mr.

Jiang, he took a step forward and blocked Jiang Yujie.

However, Jiang Yujie still saw Mr.

Jiangs gaze.

She tasted bitterness in her mouth.

‘Was Mr.

Jiang suspicious of her and Jiang Huaizhou having a relationship that they could not tell others

Or was it because Mr.

Jiang was afraid that she would rely on him and threaten him as he owed her that favor

Even if she really had any strange affection towards Jiang Huaizhou.

‘With how she was right now, she was not worthy of him.

Could it be because of this… that Mr.

Jiang was unwilling to let her have any relationship with Jiang Huaizhou

He felt that she was not worthy of him

Jiang Yujie looked down, blocking her gaze that showed that she was hurt.


Jiang froze and immediately took back his gaze that was sizing them up.

Feeling guilty, he closed his eyes.

Jiang Huaizhous face turned dark as he frowned.

“Dad, what is it”

How could Mr.

Jiang say that he felt that Jiang Huaizhou and Jiang Yujie had been staying a little too long in Jiang Huaizhous room

Actually, the two did not stay for long.

They only had time to say a few sentences.

It was because Mr.

Jiang was oversensitive.

Jiang Yujie misunderstood him.


Jiang was oversensitive not because of Jiang Yujie and Lu Qiyuan.

He was always like this.

After all, Jiang Huaizhou and Jiang Yujie were not related by blood.

It was still fine when the two were young.

As Jiang Yujie became a teenager, Mr.

Jiang became worried.

He was afraid that the two would develop a different kind of relationship after being together for a long time every day.

After all, they were both outstanding, they were always together every day, and they were close.

If it was so, he would feel sorry towards Mrs.



Jiang trusted him and Jiang Huaizhou.

But Jiang Huaizhou and Jiang Yujie

No matter what, it would be the girl whod suffer and be taken advantage of.

How could he face Mrs.


So, since then, Mr.

Jiang had been secretly observing Jiang Huaizhou and Jiang Yujie carefully.

Luckily, the two children were reassuring.

It seemed like it was just a simple relationship between a brother and a sister.

Then, Jiang Huaizhou went to university and lived outside.

He rarely came home and did not spend a lot of time with Jiang Yujie.

It was only at that time that Mr.

Jiang really felt at ease.

Then, Jiang Yujie also went to university and Jiang Huaizhou started working.

One was busy in university and was living in the campus accommodation.

‘The other was busy with work.

The chance for the two to meet at home had been extremely small.

So Mr.

Jiang felt completely at ease.

‘Who would have expected Jiang Huaizhou to experience such an unexpected disaster

‘When Mr.

Jiang heard that Jiang Yujie sacrificed so much to save Jiang Huaizhou.

He was extremely shocked.

He did not expect Jiang Yujie to make such a huge sacrifice to save Jiang Huaizhou.

Even blood-related siblings would not be able to do that.


Jiang was grateful to Jiang Yujie and also felt sorry for her.

However, he was also worried that between these two children… a relationship different from that of siblings had developed while he did not know.

He had been at ease for so many years, and now he was worried again.

In his eyes, Jiang Huaizhou was his son and Jiang Yujie was his daughter..

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