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Chapter 2861: This Prick!

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‘What kind of relationship did they have for Sun Jingfei and He Zhengbai to come out together from his house

She should give these pictures to journalists; they would know best about how to address such images.

She was not sure at what stage Sun Jingfei and He Zhengbai were.

She also did not know whether Sun Jingfei knew about her existence.

This prick!

Lu Qi glared fiercely at the figures that were in front of her.

She was clearly He Zhengbais wife, but this fact was hidden.

Another woman had taken the position of being by He Zhengbais side.

He Zhengbai was a prick!

He felt that she was of no use, so he abandoned her immediately!

And what about Sun Jingfei

She was a daughter of a rich family, but she became a mistress, destroying anothers family and taking away someone elses man.

She was shameless!

Lu Qi did not care whether Sun Jingfei knew or not.

Sun Jingfei was not someone good anyway!

Lu Qi did not stop.

She kept clicking, capturing every action of He Zhengbai and Sun Jingfei.

Until He Zhengbai sent Sun Jingfei into the car.

Seeing how thoughtful and attentive He Zhengbai was, Lu Qi thought about how He Zhengbai was also like that to her in the past.

He was attentive, thoughtful, and considerate.

No matter what it was, he was meticulous and could think a few steps ahead for her.

Even the details that were unremarkable, he could notice them.

Things like opening her car door for her were the most basic and ordinary.

‘When the two were dating and had bought drinks.

‘When the water was passed to her, the bottle cap had always been opened already.

If the cap fell on the floor, He Zhengbai would give her his own water without saying another word.

He would not let her use the cap that had already fallen on the floor.

While they were walking on the streets, He Zhengbai had always walked on the side closer to the road.

While the two were together, he would hold her hand.

During that time, Lu Qi felt that she was so blessed.

And she was also satisfied with her own charm.

Because He Zhengbai was taken by her from Lu Man.

While He Zhengbai was with Lu Man, Lu Qi had seen with her own eyes how good He Zhengbai was to Lu Man.

In the past, Lu Man was not as good as her in all areas.

She was the one who was loved by everyone.

‘Whether it was her familys love, the position in the family, or the success in their career.

Lu Man was never as good as her.

Compared to her, Lu Man was like an adopted child; she was not like Lu Qiyuans own child.

However, a Lu Man like this had a boyfriend like He Zhengbai.

Lu Qi saw with her own eyes how thoughtful He Zhengbai was to Lu Man.

That time, Lu Man clearly had nothing.

Xia Qingwei had divorced Lu Qiyuan, and Lu Man was not loved.

Lu Qi thought back then that if He Zhengbai was her boyfriend, how good would that be.

She was the princess at home, showered with love by her parents.

Everything good in the Lu family belonged to her.

A good boyfriend like He Zhengbai should also be hers.

At that time, Xia Qingyang had also egged her on.

After all, because of He Zhengbais and Lu Mans relationship, the Lu family was close to the He family.

They knew about the conditions of the He family.

It was rare that there was one member right in front of them.

The He family, which had He Zhengbais back, was not bad, and He Zhengbai was young, the same age as Lu Qi.

No part of him was a drawback for Lu Qi.

He was learning to be a movie director.

The He family would invest a lot in him to help He Zhengbais career.

And Lu Qi was an actress..

If He Zhengbai was the director, how could he not cast Lu Qi

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