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Chapter 2864: You Who Have No Eyes, Who Are You Calling Miss

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They were not cold like how they were to her.

Every time they saw her, He Zhengbais parents, who were He Qingyang and Yang Lin, had a terrible expression.

Either they ignored her.

Or they would have a long face, as if she owed them money.

Previously, when Lu Qi was locked in here, she had to face He Qingyang and Yang Lin every day.

Even He Qingyang was the same as Yang Lin.

He was a man, but he always had the expression of a grumbling woman.

He had a dead expression every time he saw Lu Qi.

Spending every day with these people almost made Lu Qi have psychological issues.

However, why did He Qingyang and Yang Lin not think about how much of the Lu familys money they had used when they were showing her faces

They defrauded the Lu family out of their money but still despised her and showed her faces.

How disgusting was this

Suddenly, a helper of the He family walked by and jumped when she saw her.

Just as she was about to call out, she was terrified by Lu Qis glare and did not make a noise.

Lu Qi was not seen as someone important in the He family.

He Zhengbai did not live like a married couple with her.

Instead, he played outside every day.

He Qingyangs and Yang Lins hatred for Lu Qi could be seen clearly on their faces.

So even the He familys helpers were not dedicated to Lu Qi.

They looked down on Lu Qi usually.

Especially because, whether it was before or after Lu Qi married into the family, the people of the He family always talked about her.

They even argued with Lu Qi.

The helpers were not stupid, and they understood everything clearly by reading between the lines.

Knowing that Lu Qi was someone who betrayed her own parents, they looked down on her even more.

Most importantly, the helpers also thought that Lu Qi was extremely stupid.

In this world, who could be more dependable than your own parents

In the end

She betrayed her own parents for a man and was bullied after marrying into the He family.

If this was not stupidity, what was

The helpers had been serving the He family for so many years, and they also knew that the He family was not a good family.

However, Lu Qi was dumb enough to treat He Zhengbai like a treasure and think that the He family was a good harbor.

She just had to jump from a place of joy to a pit of flames.

The helper did not dare to shout not because she was afraid of Lu Qi.

It was because Sun Jingfei was here.

The He family members would definitely not recognize Lu Qis identity.

If she shouted all of a sudden and caused a huge mess with Lu Qi, it might end badly for the He family.

As people working for the He family, this would not be good for them either.

So this helper remained silent.

Lu Qi walked over coldly, and the helper pouted in disdain.

“Miss Lu, why are you here”

‘When Lu Qi heard her form of address, she slapped the helper furiously.

“You who dont have eyes, who are you calling Miss I am the He familys second daughter-in-law!”

The helper touched the side of the face that was slapped.

Full of hatred, she said softly, “What daughter-in-law The He family has never recognized you, and there is nobody outside who knows.

You have the audacity to act like a daughter-in-law”

The helper sneered.

“Youre just someone who betrayed your own parents, and you think youre so high up.”

Lu Qi was furious.

These people had this kind of attitude towards her!

Lu Qi raised her hand and wanted to hit her again.

However, that helper turned around and went into the living room.

She could not shout, but she could tell Yang Lin softly and leave it to her.

Lu Qi also followed the helper inside..

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