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Chapter 2875: Where Do I Air My Grievances Then

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“You think Im worthless now, that you marrying me only benefitted me.

You refuse to help me, so you started it.

All I did was tit-for-tat.

If I hadnt been forced into it, would I have gone and slept with an old man” Lu Qi fumed.

“Why can you have affairs and be unfaithful to me, and I cant You can fool around outside but expect me to be faithful to you” Lu Qi got more agitated the more she spoke.

What was this impossible dream

She had said so much.

Perhaps shes just wishing to raise a small nugget of guilt in He Zhengbai.

Alas, not only did he not reveal any guilt, he even looked extremely impatient.

Hearing Lu Qi say all of this made him annoyed.

Seeing him like this, Lu Qi finally gave up all hope.

“My condition, firstly, is for you to delete all those photos of mine.”

“Deal.” He Zhengbai spoke instantly and without fuss.

Lu Qi knew what He Zhengbai was thinking.

Modern technology was nothing like in those times when analog cameras were used.

Analog cameras in the past had films.

Destroying the films was enough for ones peace of mind.

But the Internet was so developed now.

He could pretend to have deleted all the images on his phone completely, but who knew how many cloud backups he had

How could she trust He Zhengbais word that hed completely delete them

Lu Qi already had a countermeasure in mind, and she said, “I dont trust you one bit these days.”

He Zhengbai didnt back down, sneering back, “Were the same.”

Lu Qi smiled disparagingly.

“Divorce Okay.

Itll be the day before you and Sun Jingfei marry.”

Lu Qi thought for a moment then added, “If she still agrees to marry you.

“If Sun Jingfei doesnt want to marry you…” Lu Qi smiled.

“Then you just wait.

Until she agrees to do so, or until you find someone who will, I promise, well divorce the day before you register your marriage.”

“Impossible!” He Zhengbais face was stern.

“Youre too much!”

Divorce the day before he marries

How could she think of that!

What if she refused

Then he couldnt get married, and itd be a whole lot of other trouble.

Now he would have to depend on her goodwill if he wished to remarry.

And if others found out about his relationship with her, then his relationship with another would be an extra-marital affair.

This condition was very disadvantageous to him all around.

How could he agree to this

“Since I really cant trust you anymore,” Lu Qi said, “how can I really believe youve deleted the photos That theres not a trace left What if you lie to me, and I trusted you and divorced you, then you turn around and expose the photos Where do I air my grievances then

“So, well divorce only on the day before you register your marriage with your girlfriend.

By then, if you really dare to post the photos, Ill show the divorce certificates.

Therell be a date of registration on it.

No matter what, its impossible for you to have just divorced and instantly meet your true love and

marry her the next day, isnt it”

Lu Qi pursed her lips.

“At that time, everyone will know youve had an extramarital affair.

As long as you dont post those photos, I wont reveal the certificates.”

Lu Qi already expected his reaction..

Seeing He Zhengbai about to speak, she cut in, “I now, you wish to say, what if I dont keep my promise and show the certificates after you get married”

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