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Chapter 2876: It Will Make People Laugh If This Comes Out

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Lu Qi rolled her eyes.

He Zhengbai was such a stupid person, but she was deceived by He Zhengbai and was played around with like a toy.

Actually, Lu Qi just overlooked it.

He Zhengbai was not that stupid.

If he was really stupid, he could not have deceived Lu Qi.

Obviously, it was also because Lu Qi was money-minded and valued benefits too much, so she overlooked many things.

However, more importantly, aftering being messed up by Lu Qi, He Zhengbai did not have an upper hand anymore.

He was bound and had too many obstacles.

He did not look as confident anymore.

He Zhengbai looked down.

Nobody knew what he was thinking about.

Obviously, he could not just go with the flow.

It was only Lu Qis second condition, and it was already too much to handle.

And he did not believe that Lu Qi would only mention these two conditions.

After all, until now, there was nothing related to money yet.

This was not Lu Qis style.

In He Zhengbais drooping gaze, a hint of sternness flashed.

When he raised his head, he had it hidden already.

“Youre asking too much to bring it forward by a day.

You dont trust me and I dont trust you as well.

Since we have leverage over each other, then we should bring forward the day we divorce

even more.”

He Zhengbai thought for a while and said, “A month earlier, how about that”

Lu Qi said, “Half a month.

We both need to compromise.”

He Zhengbai was thinking half a month anyway.

If hed said that, Lu Qi would have definitely bargained.

So he brought up a time that Lu Qi would definitely not accept.

If he mentioned the first one, Lu Qi would think that the second time was not too unacceptable.

As expected, Lu Qi went for it.

He Zhengbai even showed an unhappy expression.


“The third condition,” said Lu Qi proudly, thinking that she had the upper hand.

He Zhengbai said unhappily, “Do I have to listen to your conditions all day If you keep coming up with conditions, then theres no room for discussion! Because theres no way we can discuss about it!”

“Dont be impatient,” said Lu Qi.

“I only have three conditions.

Listen to my last one.

If you wont even listen, then we will just lose together.”

He Zhengbai gritted his teeth.

“Okay, tell me.”

“Twant a hundred million,” said Lu Qi the moment she opened her mouth.

This really hurt He Zhengbai.

Even if the He family was wealthy, nobody would willingly give out a hundred million, right

Furthermore, it was for Lu Qi.

The He family was stingy.

They only wanted to receive without giving anything.

Asking them to lose money was like asking for their lives.

“A hundred million; you dared to make this request,” said He Zhengbai.

Lu Qi clicked her tongue.

“A hundred million is very little.

You wont give me a little breakup fee when you divorce with me, leaving me nothing from the marriage With your familys wealth, if you really make me leave with nothing, it will make people laugh if it comes out.

“Besides, the money that you have taken from the Lu family was more than this,” said Lu Qi.

“am kind enough to not ask for a few hundred million.”

Lu Qi did not just simply say a number.

The He family took the Lu familys money, but they snubbed her.

Lu Qi hated it every day and felt extremely regretful.

To her, whatever the He family took was her money!

So of course she wanted it back.

However, she knew that it was impossible to get back everything, so she asked for this number.

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