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Chapter 2986 This Operation Is a Little Awesome

There were still some netizens who were confused after seeing it.

“Do you guys not have any news anymore You guys even take pictures of this.

So boring.”

“But its so rare that such a get-together is very decent.

Everyone ate and drank like friends; theres nothing messy.”

“Saw Gao Zishan and Yan Zhiqing.

The two dress very casually in private.”

“And very beautiful too!”

At this moment, a netizen said, “Am I the only one who saw Lu Xiuse in the pictures”

This person had been arranged by Lu Man beforehand.

Another person said, “If I remember correctly, Lu Xiuse is not in this movies production crew, right WhenLeft Right released their actors list, Lu Xiuse was not on it.

Perhaps she joined afterward”


I know that Lu Xiuse is acting inA Coincidental Happy Match. My friend is her die-hard fan and knows everything about her work itinerary.

Lu Xiuse shouldnt have the time to joinLeft Right. Wu Mosen doesnt look like someone who allows actors to join halfway.”

Another netizen said, “I remember now.

Didnt Lu Xiuse argue with Yan Zhiqing In a flash, shes now eating with Yan Zhiqing on the same table Theyre even sitting together.”

“The pictures are not clear, so we cant really see Yan Zhiqings expression.

But given Yan Zhiqings personality, she is probably not happy with it.”

“Lu Xiuse is part of another production crew but she joined the dinner party of Left Rights production crew In these pictures, other than Lu Xiuse, everyone is an actor inLeft Right. Shes the only outsider.

This operation is a little awesome.”

At this moment, the other people in Lu Mans group posted the dinner party of Lu Xiuses production crew.

“The production crews ofA Coincidental Happy Match andLeft Right were having a dinner party at the same time in the same restaurant, but theyre in different private rooms.

This is very fateful,” the message attached said.

Now, everyone knew that Lu Xiuse had abandoned her own production crews dinner party to gain favor from Wu Mosen.

As for how they knew that Lu Xiuse was there to gain favor from Wu Mosen

Among them, Wu Mosen was the biggest.

If she was not there for Wu Mosen, was she there to gain favor from her enemy Yan Zhiqing

The netizens who watched the fun straight away tagged the director of “A Coincidental Happy Match,” Chen Jinglin.

“A Coincidental Happy Match” was not an unremarkable movie.

Its even a huge IP.

There must be a fanbase.

If Wu Mosens “Left Right” did not exist, this movie would have attracted a lot of attention.

The director Chen Jinglin was also not an unremarkable nobody.

After the dinner, Chen Jinglin had returned to his hotel and was just about to look at the discussion about their movie.

It was quite unlucky as to clash with Wu Mosens “Left Right.”

However, it was not like their movie was not topical at all.

Chen Jinglin thought about how to publicize the movie.

Unexpectedly, after he logged on to Weibo, he saw countless notifications.

When he tapped on them, he was so enraged that he laughed.

This Lu Xiuse was really unsatisfied with what she had.

Even if she wanted to climb to a higher place, he had no problems with it.

However, what Lu Xiuse did tonight was akin to looking down on him.

No matter what, he was still a director.

Lu Xiuses acting role was in his hands!

It was not easy for him to change Lu Xiuses script at this moment just because of this.

It would make him seem petty.

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