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Chapter 3012 As Wei Wucai Watched, He Felt Extremely Annoyed

She still felt a little uncomfortable, but at least she could talk now.

“Did you have to be that scared” Wei Wucai rolled his eyes.

“…” Yan Zhiqing said with difficulty, “I wasnt scared.

I just didnt expect it so I was too surprised.”

Wei Wucai looked at her and stopped talking.

Hearing that her voice was still nasal, he knew that she had not fully recovered.

So Wei Wucai did not rush her.

When Yan Zhiqing completely recovered, she was more comfortable.

Seeing that her expression was better, Wei Wucai asked, “Why were you so surprised Dont Han Zhuofeng and Shi Xiaoya call you that too Perhaps I said it in a wrong way”

“…” Yan Zhiqing said immediately, “No, no.

There was no problem.

Just call me that way.”

Satisfied, Wei Wucai passed the cup to her.

“Want to take another sip”

Yan Zhiqing felt that she had to stay away from water for now.

Because of this, after taking the cup, she did not drink from it and just held it.

“I was just wondering how to properly address you.” Yan Zhiqing looked down.

Her eyeballs rolled around; she wanted to take revenge on Wei Wucai.

How dare he shock her

Yan Zhiqing also decided to shock Wei Wucai.

She continued, “Han Zhuofeng calls you Elder Brother Xiao Cai, right”

Wei Wucai nodded as he narrowed his eyes.

He had forgotten to talk Han Zhuofeng about this.

Although his address contained “elder brother,” We Wucai still disliked the nickname “Xiao Cai.”

As he was thinking, he heard Yan Zhiqing say, “Should I call you that too”

Wei Wucais face darkened straight away.

Why did she want to use the same form of address as Han Zhuofeng

If both of them called him that, it would show that she and Han Zhuofeng were on the same level.

Wei Wucai straight away sneered.


Why would you want to copy him”

There was nothing good to emulate from him.

But no matter how smart Wei Wucai was, he did not expect that Yan Zhiqing would test him like that.

Her intention was completely different from what he thought.

Wei Wucai thought that Yan Zhiqing had feelings for Han Zhuofeng, so she secretly gave a hint regarding her thoughts by wanting to address We Wucai the same way Han Zhuofeng did.

It was to show that she was closer to Han Zhuofeng.

But in reality, Yan Zhiqing had purposely asked this because she suspected a relationship between Han Zhuofeng and Wei Wucai.

She suspected that “Elder Brother Xiao Cai” was a special nickname that Han Zhuofeng had for Wei Wucai.

Could it be that only Han Zhuofeng could call him that

If she called him like that, would Wei Wucai get angry

So Yan Zhiqing purposely tried to address him that way.

Indeed, she really guessed it right.

Wei Wucai seemed to be unhappy with the idea; even his face was black.

This time, Yan Zhiqing did not even worry about Wei Wucais black expression.

Instead, she even started laughing secretly, unable to hold back.

These two people were too sweet!

Wei Wucais lips were almost becoming a line.

He saw that Yan Zhiqing was secretly laughing

He thought, was she this happy just to have this similarity with Han Zhuofeng

Han Zhuofeng did not even know yet.

Whats there to even be happy about

He failed to see how Yan Zhiqing could be such an innocent person.

She even had thoughts that were more suited to a little girl.

It was not like she was a child who was barely more than ten years old and was still in school.

Yet she still had such childish ways.

These kinds of thoughts were not so romantic in Wei Wucais eyes.

As Wei Wucai watched, he felt extremely annoyed.

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