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If Wei Wucai had never even taken note of Luo Qingxian before and Shi Xiaoya specifically went and told him about this, what would this imply

Could it be that she still needed to remind Wei Wucai of Luo Qingxians existence

But why should she help Luo Qingxian

And as for telling Yan Zhiqing

Yan Zhiqing was currently at the stage of having some sparks with Wei Wucai, just the very first signs of it possibly developing into something more.

However, the two of them ultimately still had not set anything in stone.

There were just more opportunities for their feelings for each other to grow.

Even if Shi Xiaoya were to tell Yan Zhiqing, what could Yan Zhiqing do about it

Moreover, what would be the purpose of telling Yan Zhiqing

Yan Zhiqing had yet to even get together with Wei Wucai.

What right did she have

That was why Shi Xiaoya did not tell the two of them about the matter with Luo Qingxian.

If she did, things would just become awkward.

However, she never expected that Luo Qingxian would actually come over on her own.

Or perhaps it was that she had managed to find someone to help bring her inside.

Shi Xiaoya looked at Luo Qingxian from afar and furrowed her brows.

Han Zhuofeng had taken two steps and realized Shi Xiaoya was not following him, so he stopped and turned his head to ask, “Sister-in-law, whats the matter”

Shi Xiaoya shifted her gaze back to what was before her and pretended she had not seen Luo Qingxian at all.

Then she turned around straight away and caught up to Han Zhuofeng.

“I saw an old classmate.”

Upon seeing that Han Zhuofeng wanted to turn back and look, Shi Xiaoya stopped him hurriedly.

“Dont look, lest she gets provoked.”

“Why Does she have a bad relationship with you” Han Zhuofeng asked in surprise.

It was very rare to see Shi Xiaoya display such an obvious expression of disdain and dislike for someone.

“She came here aiming for Wei Wucai.

With the way shes looking around over there, shes probably trying to find him.

If she notices you looking at her, wont she come over” Shi Xiaoya said quietly.

“Whats with that” Han Zhuofeng got a shock.

“Elder Brother Xiao Cai has a woman outside”

“…” Shi Xiaoya felt like she had no words.

“What are you talking about… Youre giving her too much credit.”

Shi Xiaoya then explained, “It seems like the elders of their families introduced them to each other, but Wei Wucai doesnt like her, and she thinks lowly of him.

She feels he doesnt have good future prospects.”

The corner of Han Zhuofengs mouth twitched.

“Its Elder Brother Xiao Cai, and hes considered as having no good future prospects Then her standard for good prospects must be extremely high.”

“I think shes misunderstood something or other,” Shi Xiaoya explained.

“Anyway, she just feels that Wei Wucai isnt particularly capable and treats him with much disdain.”

“Then why is she looking for him” Han Zhuofeng did not quite understand it.

“Is she that free”

Han Zhuofeng did not know Luo Qingxian, so he did not hold any particular feelings towards her initially.

However, upon seeing Shi Xiaoyas dislike of Luo Qingxian, Han Zhuofeng naturally stood on his sister-in-laws side.

He now had a bad impression of Luo Qingxian.

And when he heard Shi Xiaoya say that Luo Qingxian even had the audacity to look down on Wei Wucai…

Han Zhuofeng immediately developed a great dislike for Luo Qingxian.

One could not judge Han Zhuofengs friendship with Wei Wucai just based on his weak and bullied appearance when he was with him.

In reality, Han Zhuofeng had an especially good relationship with Wei Wucai.

Han Zhuofeng first took his sister-in-laws side unconditionally, and now, he was definitely even more set on standing by his good brother as well.

“She saw Wei Wucai with Yan Zhiqing just once and began to suspect their relationship with each other,” Shi Xiaoya said.

Han Zhuofeng rubbed his chin and said, “Well, this sure is something that could cause suspicions.”

After all, when Wei Wucai and Yan Zhiqing were together, there was a very subtle romantic mood between them.

Even when they were fighting, they gave off the feeling as if they were bantering flirtatiously.

“But doesnt she look down on Elder Brother Xiao Cai So why does she care if hes with Yan Zhiqing” Han Zhuofeng could not understand why.

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