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“Liu Yunan.” Wei Wucai asked Yan Zhiqing, “Do you know this person”

“As expected, Lu Xiuse did this!” Yan Zhiqing immediately knew what was going on when she saw this name.

She explained to Wei Wucai, “Liu Yunan is Lu Xiuses manager.”

Lu Xiuse happened to know that she was filming in this area.

“Now that we know who she is, things are easier,” Wei Wucai said coldly.

“Liu Yunan doesnt use this phone number.

She must have gotten a temporary one to contact that guy,” Yan Zhiqing said.

“She even got a new number for this, so why didnt she just ask someone else to buy the number for her Why did she do it by herself” Yan Zhiqing felt puzzled as she said, “If her identity was revealed, people would immediately know exactly what was going on.”

“She probably didnt trust others to handle this.

She probably thought that there would be less chance of something going wrong if she did it herself,” Wei Wucai said.

“However, luckily for us, she did it by herself.

If not, we wouldnt have found her so easily.”

He added, “If someone else did it for her, we would have had to follow the clues to track her down.”

He then asked, “What do you plan to do This was a deliberate attack on you, and we have found the culprit.”

“Let me think about it.” Yan Zhiqing thought for a while before saying, “Can you get your hands on their chat history”

Because there hadnt been enough time earlier, Wei Wucai didnt take any pictures of the guys chat history with the culprit.

However, this was an easy task for Wei Wucai.

“Of course.” Wei Wucai started typing away on his laptop.

He typed even faster than before.

And then, he retrieved the screenshots of the WeChat conversation between the guy and Liu Yunan.

Wei Wucai sent all the screenshots to Yan Zhiqing.

“I have to figure out what to do,” Yan Zhiqing said.

“Because Liu Yunan doesnt use that phone number, even if we published the screenshots of the chat history, it will be difficult to prove that she was the culprit.”

She frowned and continued, “Instead, Lu Xiuse might say that we are framing them and that we faked the chat logs to do so.”

“Are you in a hurry to deal with this” Wei Wucai asked.

“Not at all.” Yan Zhiqing smiled.

“Actually, even if I was, theres not much I can do.

If you werent here, I wouldnt have found out about anything.

I wouldnt have known that Lu Xiuse and her manager were behind this.

I would just be made a fool.”

When Wei Wucai heard that, he felt this urge.

He wanted to pat her head.

This time, no one else was here.

No one else could disturb them.

Wei Wucai couldnt even stop himself.

It was as though his left hand had gained a life of its own.

Before his brain could take control, his hand had already moved up.

This time, things were different from before.

No one else was here and Wei Wucai couldnt stop himself.

And so, his left hand landed on Yan Zhiqings hair.

It was his first time touching Yan Zhiqings hair.

Her hair felt soft and smooth.

It felt fluffy.

There was a healing effect from touching it.

Wei Wucai wanted to restrain this urge, but he didnt expect his left hand to move of its own accord and touch Yan Zhiqings head.

Wei Wucai stopped struggling.

His hand was already on her head, so there was no point in struggling.

He was going to pat her twice.

But the touch felt too good.

The healing effect was too strong.

He felt as though he was touching a tiny and fluffy pet.

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