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“Zhiqing is no match for him.

Later on, he might take advantage of her, and she will thank him for it.

That would be painful.”

As Yan Beicheng was Yan Zhiqings older brother, he would always worry about Yan Zhiqing, regardless of the identity of the person dating her.

Being in the entertainment industry, Yan Zhiqing had a lot of chances to work with many male celebrities.

Every single one of the male celebrities in the entertainment industry was extremely good-looking.

But Yan Beicheng never worried about those male celebrities.

Because Yan Zhiqing never wanted her future boyfriend to also be someone in the entertainment industry.

But now, out of nowhere, Wei Wucai appeared.

This resulted in Yan Beicheng feeling worried for her like he was her elderly father.


I have to go visit them on the set tomorrow,” Yan Beicheng said.

“I am too worried.”

“I thought you were going to deal with Lu Xiuse” Lin Chu reminded him.

She was worried that Yan Beicheng had forgotten about Lu Xiuse as his mind was too focused on Wei Wucai.

Obviously, the matter concerning Lu Xiuse was more important to Yan Zhiqing.

“I will ask Zuoqiu to investigate Lu Xiuses resources and connections and make further decisions.

It wont take long,” Yan Beicheng said.

Clearly, Yan Beicheng had already decided that he was going to visit the set.

Lin Chu thought about it and said, “I will go with you.”

She explained, “I am curious as to how Zhiqing behaves when she is working on set.

I will also check and see if theres something going on between Wei Wucai and Zhiqing.”

While pointing at her own pair of eyes, Lin Chu said, “I should be better at sensing this than you.”

Yan Beicheng gave it a thought and said, “Okay.

Lets go together.”

He then reminded her, “But you mustnt tell Zhiqing.”

Currently, Lin Chu had a very good relationship with Yan Zhiqing.

Yan Zhiqing would secretly tell Lin Chu many things, but she would never tell him.

And Yan Beicheng could never get to know what secrets those two sisters-in-law were hiding.

“I know,” Lin Chu said.

“I wont tell her.”

Hearing this, Yan Beicheng felt more at ease.

Normally, if Lin Chu promised him something, she would keep her word.

She then mustered a guilt-ridden smile to show Wei Wucai.


Wei Wucai was speechless.

“Whats with your remorseful smile” Wei Wucai asked with a raised brow.

“Remorseful Not at all.” Yan Zhiqing lowered her head and took a piece of cabbage from the bone broth soup.

She was in such a rush that she forgot to blow on the food.

She simply shoved the piece of cabbage into her mouth.

Wei Wucai didnt even get to stop her.

As expected, Yan Zhiqings tongue was burnt.

She felt this burning pain when the hot piece of cabbage touched her tongue.

But she couldnt spit the cabbage out.

She needed to be mindful of her image while she was in front of Wei Wucai.

But the cabbage was too hot and could not be swallowed, seeing as she was in so much pain that she couldnt chew.

Yan Zhiqings face was burning red.

The burning sensation caused tears to well up in her eyes.

She could only keep her mouth open and breathe deeply again and again.

“Just spit it out,” Wei Wucai said hastily.

But Yan Zhiqing was still adamant.

She refused to spit it out.

Wei Wucai hurriedly moved to the other side of the table to check on her.

Yan Zhiqing suddenly covered her mouth.

Wei Wucai was speechless.

What was she doing right now

Actually, Yan Zhiqing just didnt want Wei Wucai to see her with food in her mouth.

She thought she would look very ugly.

Wei Wucai couldnt do anything.

He could only hand her the cup of soy milk.

“Drink some of this and feel better.”

Yan Zhiqing hurriedly took the soy milk and took several sips.

She hastily chewed a couple times and swallowed the piece of cabbage.

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