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“Lets cut to the chase,” Yan Beicheng said.

“Do you like Zhiqing”

Before Wei Wucai could say anything, Yan Beicheng added, “If you dont dare to admit frankly to this and you refuse to give me an affirmative or negative answer, I will not give you any chances to approach her.”

Wei Wucai narrowed his eyes.

“I do like her.”

In the beginning, they considered each other a nuisance.

Later on, he realized that Yan Zhiqing was an interesting person.

He couldnt help but desire to see her jump in anger.

Maybe he just thought it was fun.

But unbeknownst to him, he gradually started desiring to be around her.

He wanted to talk to her and be close to her.

He wanted to tease her.

At the same time, he couldnt bear to make her angry anymore.

It was no longer fun to see her mad.

Instead, his heart ached to see her mad.

And now, he couldnt help but want to grasp every chance to spend time with her alone.

He wanted to create more opportunities to be with her alone.

It even caused that misunderstanding last night.

His first thought about the misunderstanding was not to clarify and explain it.

He chose to continue this misunderstanding.

He knew that there was a huge group of reporters outside during noon today.

But he still showed up and tried to get the reporters to recognize him.

He didnt exactly lie to Yan Zhiqing.

He had never actually liked anyone.

His heart had never skipped a beat for anyone.

Therefore, the feeling of being in love was unfamiliar to him.

He had never experienced such feelings, but it didnt mean that he would be unable to recognize this feeling when it happened.

Because this feeling was too peculiar, he knew it the moment it happened.

However, when it happened, he was unsure.

Was this truly being in love

He was not sure, but he knew that his feelings towards Yan Zhiqing were special.

He wanted to be around her and he wanted to be closer to her.

In fact, he even wanted to touch her.

And now, Yan Beicheng had just asked that question in such a forthright manner.

If he didnt give a confirmation on whether he liked her or not…

Yan Beicheng would then use every method he could to stop him from going near Yan Zhiqing.

Wei Wucai had no doubt that Yan Beicheng possessed such power.

He didnt answer right away earlier.

And this was because he couldnt help but think about how he would feel if he couldnt be around Yan Zhiqing anymore.

How would he feel if another man with ulterior motives approached her…

And he could only watch from a distance

If this happened, he would die of anger, and he would want that other guy to screw off far away.

He had no doubts regarding Yan Zhiqings popularity.

She was beautiful and had a great personality.

Realistically speaking, men check out a womans appearance and body first.

Not to mention Yan Zhiqings background! Just this alone would make men pursue her like they were chasing money.

But guys like that couldnt be reliable!

As Wei Wucai thought about this, he realized that he himself would be the most sincere pursuer.

He really did fancy Yan Zhiqing.

He didnt fall in love with her because of valuable characteristics and things that she had inherited.

Suddenly, Wei Wucai froze.

When he was thinking about this, this word popped into his mind.

He really did like Yan Zhiqing.

While Yan Beicheng was expressing his anger, Wei Wucai straightforwardly admitted to liking her.

But Yan Beicheng was not that easily satisfied.

“Then why were you hesitating Why didnt you answer immediately”

“…” Yan Beichengs forceful attitude did not scare Wei Wucai at all, and Wei Wucai responded very calmly.

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