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They compared the size of their ears, the shape of their earlobes, and other details.

They even compared their fingers.

This was so they could prove that Wei Wucai was the man from last night.

And then, they published photos of Wei Wucais face.

They noted under that picture that it had been accidentally taken.

They took this picture when Wei Wucai accidentally turned around and looked at them.

They hadnt expected the mysterious man from last night to be a production crew member who was working alongside Yan Zhiqing.

“This appearance… is so handsome that it is ungodly!”

“Outrageously handsome! Who would be able to hold back against such a man”

“If it was me, I wouldnt just pick up takeouts with him, I would follow him to his room.”

“How do you know Yan Zhiqing didnt follow him to his room”

“I am curious.

Who is this guy Is he an actor Is he new I have never seen him before.”

Another news media company published a similar article and added more details, stating that Wei Wucai was not an actor.

The article stated that Wei Wucai was working on set, but his specific job was currently unknown.

His name and background were both unknown.

However, based on the interview theyd had with Yan Beicheng, they knew that Wei Wucai was a friend of Yan Beichengs and that Wei Wucais family had a good relationship with the Yan Family.

The news media then deduced that Wei Wucai was not some small fry.

As of now, they only knew what he looked like and were able to deduce that Wei Wucai was not an ordinary individual.

However, they knew nothing else.

Last night, they didnt even know what Wei Wucai looked like.

So with this, they had made huge progress.

“What Despite having such an appearance, he is not a celebrity Hes just a staff member”

“What a waste of such a handsome face! Since he is working on set, is the director not going to promote him and give him a chance at acting”

“Dont talk nonsense.

According to Yan Beicheng, he is a good friend and is close to all the members of the eight great families.

Obviously, he is someone with an extraordinary background.

Ive never heard of Yan Beicheng having ordinary friends.

Even if Yan Beicheng has ordinary friends, the fact that this man was also able to befriend the members of the eight great families shows that he is not an ordinary individual.

And so, if he is not interested in becoming an actor like Yan Zhiqing, he wouldnt have to join the entertainment industry.”

“What is he doing on set, then I am so curious.”

“Does anyone know a production crew member Please tell us.”

Immediately, though everyone was curious about Wei Wucai and Yan Zhiqings relationship, they became even more curious about Wei Wucai.

“Look at this,” Yan Beicheng snapped.

“I told you he did it intentionally!”

Lin Chu nodded.


So cunning.

Considering this, Zhiqing is no match for him.”


You better wait and see.

Soon, there will be a netizen who will claim that he is a production crew member and an employee of Wei Wucais company.

This netizen will tell the web about him.” Yan Beicheng knew such tricks very well.

“If you know, are you not going to do anything to stop this from happening” Lin Chu asked softly.

Was Yan Beicheng really going to sit and watch Wei Wucai trick Yan Zhiqing

That couldnt be possible.

“Its not like we can stay here every day.

We wont be able to guard against that guy after we leave,” Yan Beicheng explained with a pout.

Lin Chu tried to suppress her laughter as she responded, “Actually, Wei Wucai is not a bad guy.

He is just cunning, and Zhiqing is no match for him.”

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