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When the netizens saw a completely blank account, they were speechless.

And so, the netizens started tagging Yu Wenhan and the others.

“Hey, your bosss account is completely bank.

Whats the point of you tagging that account Whats the use of it”

“We finally found his real name.

I searched this name on Baidu, but I didnt find anything.

Is he really that mysterious”

“What are you thinking Say it out loud bravely.”

“We have to first confirm that the Wei Wucai they had mentioned was really the mysterious guy that was with Yan Zhiqing that night, and that this Wei Wucai is not some account that these netizens had created because this is a trending topic.

After all, that account is too…”

“I checked the account.

It was created five years ago, but it had never posted anything before.

They couldnt have possibly created an empty account a long time ago just to do this, right If this account is an alternate account, there should be some signs of it being used before, right”

“Lets just assume that this account belongs to that mysterious guy.

From there, lets all contribute some bold ideas.”


I will go first.

Previously, when Yan Beicheng was being interviewed, he said that this mysterious guy was a friend.

He also said that he was a good friend of the members of the eight great families.

All of them know each other.

All of their families know each other.

And so, if Wei Wucai was really his name… The surname Wei… Do you have any thoughts about this”

“Forgive my ignorance.

I only know one famous family with the surname Wei.”

“Is it the Wei Family I have in mind”

“Which do you have in mind Tell me boldly.”

“Actually, this matches Yan Beichengs description.

The Wei Family is one of the eight great families.

Obviously, the members of the Wei Family would know the other members of the great families well.

They would all be good friends with each other, right”


Even if it was another one among the eight great families, it would still be this powerful.

Honestly, even if they told us the name, we might not know who it is.

We might just think that they were bluffing.”

A netizen very boldly tagged Wei Zhiqian.

“@Wei Zhiqian.

Master Qian, are you there Can you verify if he is a member of your family”


You are so quick-witted.”

“Clap for this brave netizen!”

Wei Wucai was constantly refreshing, and he obviously saw the netizen tagging Wei Zhiqian.

He immediately made a phone call.

Hu Guangmo unknowingly asked, “Boss, who are you calling”

“Wei Zhiqian,” Wei Wucai answered in a very calm tone.

“I am asking him to verify it for me.”

Boss must really want to expose his identity.

Wei Wucai had always kept a low profile.

Whether it was because of the Mount Lan Compound or because he didnt want to meddle in those troublesome things in the entertainment industry…

He hadnt verified his identity.

There wasnt a Wikipedia page about him.

There was nothing about him on the web.

You wouldnt be able to search anything about him.

If not, Luo Qingxian wouldnt have had such a hard time finding information on Wei Wucai.

But now, because he wanted the crowd to know that he was the one with Yan Zhiqing…

Because he wanted everyone to guess what kind of relationship Yan Zhiqing had with him…

Wei Wucai was risking everything to reveal his identity.

Hu Guangmo wanted to remind Wei Wucai that they could just snap a few photos of him and make those photos seem like they had been taken secretly.

Then, theyd just have to post the pictures online.

It would achieve the same result.

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