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Sun Yiwu knew that Lu Man was skilled in public relations but he didnt know this was her style.

She would tell you clearly exactly what she was about to, completely unafraid that of any consequences or changes, unafraid that you would leak her plan out.

This self-confidence came from deep within her bones.

“Alright, no problem.” Sun Yiwu agreed extremely readily; it was obvious that Bai Shuangshuang had thoroughly annoyed and angered him.

“And if the investors have any opinions regarding this, Ill fend them off, feel free and bravely do what you have to do.”

“Thank you,” Lu Man smiled and replied.

“Oh right, I have an idea.

Since youre a professional, could you take a look and tell me whether it would be alright” Sun Yiwu said, “Im not going to lie to you, what Bai Shuangshuang did has completely crossed the line with me.

I have no reason to keep her around to continue harming me, and I dont want to let her use my movie to increase her popularity.

I want to delete all of her scenes.”

Lu Man raised her eyebrows in surprise.

“Delete all of them Will that be alright”

Sun Yiwu scoffed indignantly, “It will be fine.

First of all, she only got the role through connections.

I had no choice but to give her an insignificant side role and let her just appear in the movie for a short screen time with a couple of lines.

The movie can do without her.

To be honest, her role is rather redundant and excessive, it even makes the pace of the movie rather weird.

After deleting her role, the pace of the movie will be a lot clearer and faster.

Regarding her character removal, I wont tell her about it.

She can find out about it on her own once the film premieres.”

Lu Man instantly understood Sun Yiwus intentions.

“Then the effect would be even better.

The audience wouldnt even know that she was in the movie once.

Also, when Bai Shuangshuang finds out, as long as she continues to cause a huge ruckus on the internet, the movie will just keep trending and people will keep talking about it.

If thats the case, I can release the scandal about Bai Shuangshuang earlier.

It all depends on when Bai Shuangshuang blows up.

As long as she can hold it back, Ill release the news at the time I originally planned to.

If she cant hold it back, Ill just release it right after she blows up.”

“Sure, sure.” Sun Yiwu was extremely satisfied.

“Lets do it this way!”

After she finished discussing with Sun Yiwu, Lu Man contacted Tang Zi.

Actually, she could have contacted Han Zhuoli too, but digging up the dirt on other people was Tang Zis field of expertise.

There was no need to trouble Han Zhuoli again.

After she finished discussing with Tang Zi, Lu Man returned back the next day.

There Han Zhuoli had brought Xia Qingwei along to the airport to fetch Lu Man.

The moment Xia Qingwei met Lu Man, her heart ached tremendously.

She caressed Lu Mans face and said, “Youve lost weight.”

“I didnt, you just havent seen me in a long time thats all, Mom.

When I was working on the set, Brother Han even found a maid to take care of my well being.

Every day, she would find different ways to feed me with all sorts of nutritional foods.

I feel like Ive gained more weight instead.”

Lu Man even pinched her own cheeks bitterly.

It seemed like she really did become chubbier.

Xia Qingwei smiled, her eyes squinting in glee.

“I can rest assured when Xiao Han is around.”

“Mom, youre only talking about me.

Dont you have anything that you want to tell me”

For once Xia Qingwei appeared a little sheepish.

“That… I was too anxious too.

I cant just always let them ruin your future.”

“I was just worried since you were alone in City B.

What if Lu Qiyuans sadness had turned into craziness and he came looking for trouble Without me around, I cant look out for you.

In the future, even if you want to torment them, you should still wait until Im in City B with you.”

Xia Qingwei smiled and said, “With Xiao Han around, whats there to worry about When you werent around, Xiao Han would come visit me at home every week.

If he got too busy with his work and couldnt make time to visit, he would get Zhou Cheng and Xu Hui to come protect me too.

Even if Lu Qiyuan really wanted to come and stir up trouble, he wouldnt be able to get close either.

Oh right, Ive heard from Xiao Han that you decided to learn acting professionally.”


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