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Lu Man: “…”

That would be so cheesy and mushy.

She definitely wouldnt call him that.

If not for the circumstances that day that required her to pretend to be a vixen, she wouldnt have called him that either.

Calling him with just one word made her look like she was insane.

It was way too crazy and stupid.

Han Zhuolis grinned, his eyes squinting in glee.

He just knew that this girl wouldnt be able to stand it.

“Zhuo… Zhuoli…” Lu Man braced herself and called him with much difficulty.

Compared toDarling orHubby, she could probably accept this more.

However, a small part of her still couldnt overcome the discomfort in doing so because of their large age gap.

From being someone who was worlds away and unreachable to her in her past life, Han Zhuoli had somehow become a person she could call anytime, then her boss, and finally he became her lover.

To be honest, deep inside her heart, other than treating him as a lover, a part of Lu Man treated him as an older brother, or perhaps, a mentor.

No matter how intelligent she was, in terms of actual life experience, she really could not even compare to Han Zhuoli.

In her past life, she had spent the remaining few years of her life in jail and it didnt add much to her life experience.

Right now, for several issues and decisions, she had to rely on Han Zhuoli.

Han Zhuoli had taught her a lot.

Therefore, she ultimately still couldnt treat Han Zhuoli as someone equal to her.

Not only was he her boyfriend, but he was also her mentor too.

She loved him and respected him as well.

Calling him “Zhuoli” this one time, was truly extremely difficult for her.

“Ka-cha.” The car door behind her opened.

Re-adjusting Lu Man in his arms, Han Zhuoli stepped back slightly.

He then opened the car door and carried Lu Man in.

As he kissed her, he said, “Say that again.”

Her face was flushed red from holding her breath while trying to say it, but she still could not say it.

Mustering up determination, she cradled Han Zhuolis face and kissed him.

Han Zhuoli couldnt help but laugh.

“Dont think that you can get away by doing this.”

Resigned, Lu Man could only give in to his demand and say, “Zhuoli.”

This time, it was a lot more fluent than before.

After quite some time, Han Zhuoli finally let her go.

Since she had just returned today and had been busy the entire day, Han Zhouli was afraid that she would get completely exhausted and thus didnt torment her further.

“Oh right, Ill report to the office for work tomorrow,” Lu Man said as they parted away.

“Why are you in such a hurry Why dont you rest at home for a couple more days” Han Zhuoli said.

“I just cant sit around doing nothing.

Besides, if I start work early, I can earn more money.

If not, once I start school, all Ill be doing is spend money.”

Han Zhuoli patted the top of her head, her hair soft and fluffy.

“Even if you start school, that position at work will still be reserved for you.

You dont need to go to the company.

If theres any suitable case, I will directly send it to you.”

Lu Man had not thought that something like this could be worked out.

Seemed like it was great to have a backer.

It could be said that she was receiving the best of all privileges one could have.


The next day, Lu Man returned to the office to cancel her leave and rejoin.

Sister Li and a couple other colleagues immediately crowded over.

They were all very curious to know how it felt to film a show.

“Lu Man, how was your experience being in a film crew Ive seen a lot of the pictures celebrities post when they are on set.

The meals they have seem to be pretty terrible,” Sister Li asked curiously.

“Yeah, those celebrities usually look pretty glamorous all the time.

However, when they are actually working, they really dont seem to have a comfortable life like us here.

Moreover, most of the filming locations arent really great, they often have to shoot in places far away from the city.

There the freshly prepared meals arent really available so easily, hence they usually have to eat boxed lunches.

Also, boxed lunches definitely taste bad.

Unlike us, while working they dont get to sit in an office and still get the time to go out and grab something nice for lunch at noon.”

“You came back to work, so do you not plan to act any more in the future” Sister Li asked again.

“Ill probably work until the new year.

After that, I plan to focus on learning to perform.

After trying it out this time, Ive discovered that acting is pretty interesting.”

Xia Mengxuan pursed her lips and scoffed.

“You sure have been planning it out well.

Do you think that just because you want to act, people would hire you to act Did you really get so overconfident just because you had a small role inGreedy Wolf Operation Now you are even going to learn to perform, wanting to join some small performing arts school.

However, no one will even acknowledge that degree.”


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